Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lazy Vegetarian: Day 8

So much for not eating today. I was hungry again by the morning.

Breakfast... I decided that if I'm going to have the same thing every day I should at least try some different toast toppings from time to time. So today I had this...

Yep, those are bananas on top, and underneath the bananas is... dulce de leche!! And it was incredible. Best. Toast. Ever.

Accompanied, of course, by a latte.

Later that morning we decided to have an adventure so we took the train downtown. Here's Fiona waiting for the train and "smiling".

We strolled around downtown and settled on Indian Buffet for lunch. It was so dark inside that I wasn't able to take a picture until I remembered the handy flashlight app Ben has on his phone, but by then I'd started eating. So here's my first, partially eaten plate...

My approach is usually to try a little bit of everything and then have more of my favourite, and the winner at this restaurant was (what I'm pretty sure was) Paneer Makhani. Oh my goodness, my mouth thought it had died and gone to heaven. It was incredible. I know all of the pictures I took make the food look really questionable but you'll have to believe me that it was delicious.

After that we walked over to Loring Park and played for a while before taking the train home.

Double swing!!

Later in the afternoon we went to a super fun birthday party!

Fiona and Adele had a really good time playing with their friends and bouncing in the bouncy castle and I had a really good time chatting with my friends while Ben bounced in the bouncy castle with the girls!

We had yummy party dinner...

My super talented friend Sara makes amazing cakes and this one was no exception...

And delicious! Happy Birthday Connor and Dominick!


sara said...

So honored!! THANKS FOR COMMING!!! p.s. love your coffee mug selection

Mum said...

What an amazing cake - and what a stripey day Fiona was having!