Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lazy Vegetarian: Day 13

Breakfast: A single plum, floating in perfume, served in a man's hat.

Not really. Latte and cinnamon sugar butter toast.

Today's mug is from New York. In 2004 (when we still lived in MI) Ben and I were flying to Aberdeen for Christmas. Our flight was scheduled to leave on December 23rd in the late afternoon, and (being the cheapest possible flight) had two connections, one somewhere in the US and another one in London, arriving in Aberdeen in the morning of the 24th (Christmas Eve). We made it to our first connection but the flight to London was cancelled for some weather related reason. They had to book us on a whole bunch of different flights and we ended up having to fly to Newark then from there to Glasgow, but the flight to Newark didn't leave until the next morning. So we had to sleep in the airport.

We arrived at Newark early in the morning on the 24th and had to wait about 12 hours for our next flight to leave. So we decided it would be a good time to take the bus into New York City for a few hours. We figured out which bus we needed and set off. Once we got there we walked around a bit and ate some really fantastic New York pizza from a (presumably authentic) pizza place.

We also stopped at a gift shop to get a mug to commemorate our adventure. Of course I was so paranoid about missing our next flight that we headed back pretty quickly and spent many, many more hours sitting in the airport.

Our flight left that night and arrived in Scotland the next morning. Unfortunately since it was now Christmas Day Aberdeen airport was CLOSED and we had to fly into Glasgow which is about a 3 hour drive away. My Dad kindly drove down well before the crack of dawn and picked us up. Here's a picture of dawn cracking as we drove home.

At the time it was a huge pain, but after traveling with little kids it puts the whole thing in a much less awful light. I think if the same thing had happened with the girls in tow we might have just not gone!

Back to today!

This morning we got together with our friends and ate some treats. I forgot to take a picture so I drew this in paint.
I know you can tell immediately what those items are, but just in case, I had a slice of banana nut bread (left) and a piece of blondie (right). Yum.

Lunch: Fiona requested mac and cheese so that's what we had.

Snack: A single plum, for real this time.

Dinner: Pesto tortellini with peas and broccoli in basil pesto cream sauce. Spinach salad. Half a little roll.

Ben sent me a picture of his dinner last night since we ate different things. He ate at his parents house because they were watching the girls while I went to my meeting and his Mum made a delicious vegetarian stir fry...

I'm sad that I missed it! His Mum is a great cook and has been making a lot of different vegetarian foods recently. I'm looking forward to swapping some recipes with her. Well, really I'm looking forward to having her cook more stuff when I visit!


Robbie said...

Dont forget that your brother was dragged down to glasgow as your father wanted entertainment during the drive....

Lori said...

Yummy! Yum! Yum! The support of your husband in this little project is amazing too :)