Monday, October 31, 2011

Lazy Vegetarian: Day 29, 30 & 31

I know, I fell behind. Here's a catch up!

Saturday 29th

Breakfast: Toast with nutella, mauled by a bear.

Lunch: We went to the zoo with friends in the morning and had some lunch there. We all shared some fries, Ben and I shared a cheese quesadilla and the girls shared a hot dog.

Snack: I invented a new BEST SNACK EVER. Pretzels dipped in nutella.

Dinner: Tonight was Ben's cousin Sarah's wedding. I failed to take pictures of any of the food or, even more sadly, the cake. So I'm just going to write a list...

Vegetable spring rolls with spicy dipping sauce
Pita chips with hummus and spinach dip
Veggie sandwich
Potato taquito
Chocolate caaaaaake!!

The girls had so much fun dancing the night away and we had an exciting bus ride back with a variety of spirited young people dressed in sports team shirts and halloween costumes. My sister Ali will also be happy to hear that she is no longer the only person I know to lose a shoe on a bus.

After we got home we put the tired little girls to bed and hung out with Ian for a while. By then it was Sunday morning and it seemed appropriate to have some snacks from the pizza place round the corner...

Cheesy garlic bread, mozzarella sticks and cheese fries. Enough cheese? Just and no more.

Sunday 30th

Breakfast: Adele was up at 5am so I drowned my sorrows in a nutella sandwich. Which she then ate most of, and Fiona ate the rest of. I got the crusts.

We stopped by to see our friends Tim and Shannon and their little cutie Owen on our way back home and they kindly provided us with food to keep us going for a while.

We stopped at Qdoba for dinner which we rarely eat at and were pleasantly surprised by! They have an option to choose 2 "little" things which was perfect... I got gumbo for myself and a cheese quesadilla to share with the girls, and Ben and I shared some queso dip and chips. It was very delicious.

Later there were some peanut M&Ms for car snack. It was too dark to photograph in the car so this lovely picture was taken from here.

Peanut m&m's

Now... yesterday!


Back home. Back to normal. Latte, toast. Toast with... peanut butter and nutella.

Today's mug just came in the mail! It was a gift from MPR for giving signing up to be sustaining members. We were sustaining members before but then our credit card number changed and we forgot to update it so then they were not getting their money any more, so when they did the latest membership drive (where they offer thank you gifts when people sign up) I was excited that one of them was an awesome giant red mug and we signed up again.

Lunch. Ben took the day off to recover from the weekend so we went to his favorite chinese buffet. So healthy...

For dinner we went to Cathy and Erik's house so Fiona could go trick or treating with her cousins. We had baked potatoes and I brought vegetarian chili.

Of course, being halloween I had to eat some chocolate! YUM Almond Joy!!

So there you have it. A whole month. Here are some things I'm sure you picked up on:
1. I eat a lot of toast
2. I really am lazy, I wasn't kidding
3. There is no shortage of cheese in my diet.

Also, after putting the names of all the cheeto competition entries in a hat and picking one at random I can declare with fanfare that the winner is.... MATT!! Your exciting prize will make its way to you hopefully some time this year :-)

Also, because I know you're dying to know whether crunchy or puffy wins, here are the results...

Crunchy: 2 votes
Puffy: 5 votes
Both: 2 votes
Cheese and onion crisps: 1 vote.
Hawkins cheezies: 2 votes. Canadians...

So yay for puffy! They are really the obvious choice ;-)


Lori said...

My diet lately has consisted of an insanely sinful amount of chocolate...I couldn't be happier :)

Tanya Cothran said...

I love the trip through your mug cupboard! Thanks for posting last month.