Monday, October 10, 2011

Lazy Vegetarian: Day 10

I realized after the first few days that I hadn't used the same mug for breakfast yet, and figured I'd try to keep that going until I had to repeat one. Then today I realized that each mug (or at least the vast majority of them) have some kind of memory associated with them. So I thought I'd start sharing those.

Breakfast... toast and marmalade, latte. Today's mug is a souvenir from a trip to Bordeaux Ben and I took together during the year when I was living in Aberdeen and he was living in Michigan. We went there to visit his awesome sister Carol and her family and had a great time.


Picnic with lovely friends. Cheese and spinach (and mayo!) whole wheat wrap...


Oddly shaped and flavored crackers, generously shared with me...

Frazzles, imported from home by my Mum on her most recent visit.

Later I was waiting for Ben to come home to eat dinner, but I fed the girls beforehand. I was really hungry though so when Fiona only ate half of her roll, I polished off the other half...

I made butternut squash risotto for dinner (using regular rice instead of risotto rice). It was really good, but as usual it looks like unappetizing goop!

Then later I shared a special shortbread finger with Ben (also imported by my Mum, and so yummy). I even gave him the big half.

And because I know you're just DYING to know, here's a rundown of the meanings of mugs from the last 9 days.


Scottish mug, specially for me. According to the definition on the mug, a besom (biz-um) is: obstreperous girl or woman/woman of low moral standing/broomstick made from loose twigs/a comet, or its tail.


Scottish mug, specially for Ben but used almost exclusively by me. According to the definition an eejit is: idiot, simpleton, one not possessed of all their mental faculties.


"Louise" mug. Also imported from Scotland because it is almost impossible to get mugs that have my name on them in this country. Sad because I LOVE mugs with my name on them!! It has a cute poem on the back about how awesome I am.


Ben has not one but two lego mugs with his name on them but I have this one because although I am special, I am apparently not special enough for lego to make a mug with my name on it.


That one is Ben's. I like it. He has no idea where he got it.


Vegas baby!! Souvenir from our trip to Vegas to get married.


Aerial lift bridge in Duluth from the trip we took up there with my parents last year.


We have a lot of friends in Chicago and got this mug on a trip we took to visit them before Fiona was born. I don't remember exactly when it was but it was the trip when we first visited the bar at the top of the John Hancock building and it was awesome.


I got this mug last December when I was looking for a mug to give as a gift with a mug cosy (picture right at end). I didn't use it in the end because the shape was too awkward to fit the cosy around, but I liked it so it earned a spot in the cupboard.

Now, wasn't reading all that a good use of your time?


robbie said...

You know it's worth reading especially compared to doing uni work...

I could start one of these blogs, a year in the life of a carnivore, how many animals does he eat?

Lots of love
Robbie xx

Catriona said...

My dad bought me a 'numpty' mug as a housewarming present. I use it for extra special houseguests.


Louise said...

Robbie, I'm glad I at least beat out uni work!

Catriona, I will make sure to have a special mug for you when you visit!