Monday, December 5, 2011

Adele is 2!

On Saturday Adele became a 2 year old. Here's what was happening two years ago, and here's the post I did on her first birthday, which really feels like it was just last month.

Ben's family came over on Saturday and crammed into our tiny kitchen for lunch to celebrate with us.

Adele had been singing "happy birthday" to herself all morning and was really happy.

After the obligatory savory course came the part everyone had been waiting for... (chocolate chip banana) cupcakes!

After cupcakes were licked, smeared, smooshed and eventually consumed, it was time for presents!

I was surprised at her first birthday that she got SO excited about opening presents, and nothing has changed. After she opens something she gives it her whole attention and only wants to play with that thing. Like bottles for her poor, perpetually naked baby...

A book about Elmo...

this cell phone from Grandma and Grandpa...

She also got an adorable tea set from the Tennants but I didn't get a picture of her excitement because the box was in front of her as she was squealing with joy.

It's amazing how much changes so fast. So now we have to have the "look how she's grown" progression...

Birth (well, 2 days old) 3lbs 2.8oz

1 year old. I can't remember how much she weighed... around 14lbs? Clearly my brain is running on fumes.

2 years old. Has a check up on Thursday so we'll find out how much she weighs then. Around 20lbs probably... more depending on how much snow she eats beforehand...

And talking of snow, it snowed. We all went out to play on sunday and Fiona climed up the snow mountain and made snow angels while Adele just plowed straight through with her walker.

Adele, over the last year you have worked so hard and learned so much. You are the same sweet girl as always but now you are holding your own with your sister and not letting her push you around. You love so many people (and a few animals) and let them know with the smiles and hugs and slimy kisses you share so easily. You're smart and funny and we are so proud of you. Looking forward to seeing what the next year brings, tiny love!