Monday, September 27, 2010

Don't you point that thing at me!

I'm not sure if I can write this without it becoming a smut-fest, but I'll try...

I'm sad that we're on the second last week of the CSA deliveries. It's been the most exciting part of my life all summer!

Before I go and take a cold shower, does anyone have any tasty butternut squash recipes? Ben's Mum gave me one where you cook squash, apples and onions together that sounds delicious, but I'm open to more suggestions - I think we're going to be working on this one for a while!

Wow ;-)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A random assortment...

I've been sorting through months and months of photos tonight trying to get caught up with some of the backlog and upload some to flickr, and came across some funny ones. I don't have much to blog about right now, so here's a random selection of stuff...

Taken with Ben's old phone after the girls both finally crashed on our flight to Amsterdam (en route to Scotland)... see, it is possible to fit four people into two economy sized airline seats!

This one is from a trip to Ikea we took just after Adele came home. She's barely two months old and probably weighs about 6lbs. I had forgotten how tiny she was curled up in the wrap - I just look like a pregnant women with a misshapen tummy and an odd sense of style!

This one is from a recent trip to the Zoo. The tiger was pacing back and forth in front of the glass and it was really incredible to see him up so close. Fiona, however, had no idea this was anything special. Tigers are pretty old hat to her now I guess...

This last one is from an evening we spent at Cathy and Erik's house. They were putting their kids to bed and we were getting ready to go when Fiona wandered off. We tracked her down snuggled up with her cousin...

Well, that's all for now. I'd better get back to spring cleaning. Granny is visiting my parents right now and I need to have up to date pictures on flickr ready for her to look at :-)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Fiona and nature

Sometimes we get some extra nature with our CSA food. The very first time we unloaded the food we found a tiny little caterpillar and Fiona was fascinated with it. Ever since then she has always asked (and looked for) the caterpillar. This week there was another tiny caterpillar! She was so excited. We put him in a box with some lettuce and watched over him throughout the day. We even skyped people to show him off.

After Fiona went to bed I found another caterpillar! A giant one! (Ok, he's really not that big, but compared to the other one he's enormous). I put him in the box with the other one and also put some corn leaves in there with him since the tiny one wasn't eating the lettuce.

The next morning they were both still there and had munched their way though a lot of corn leaf. Fiona was so happy to have caterpillars to love! She's pretty good at being gentle with them, and actually doesn't really like to hold them (the big one feels particularly weird walking on your skin) so at the moment they're just hanging out in a little container, eating corn leaf and pooping it back out at an incredible rate. Fiona of course finds the poop part completely fascinating.

I asked her what the big caterpillar's name was. She calls the smaller one "tiny teeny caterpillar" but was having trouble naming the big one. We talked about names, about how her name was Fiona and Mummy's name was Mummy, etc., and she decided to name the big one "eeeeooooeeeooootawaaaatawoootawaaata...". Every time I asked what his name was she gave me the same answer, so I guess that must really be his name!

So, nature fans, will either of them become a butterfly? We'll probably set them free soon, but they seem happy for now with their supply of corn leaves.