Monday, October 17, 2011

Lazy Vegetarian: Day 17

This morning we still had small bread so I had a pair of toasts again. One with jam, the other with chocolate ice cream sauce. Yes, really. Yum! And a latte.

Today's mug is one I got as a gift for Ben a few years ago. It usually lives at the back of the cupboard so I had to dig to find it. I love it, but I am not excited for it to be a reality. According to the weather man it's probably going to get down to freezing later this week. Ack.

Plum for snack:
(Insert your own wrinkled plum joke here)

Lunch: Hummus, spinach falafel sandwich, shared with Fiona. She took bites out of both of them.

We watched some curious george, ate some shortbread that my friend Emily brought back for me from her trip to Scotland, and crocheted together after lunch.

First that meant she needed her own ball of yarn to mess around with and then turned into her yanking on the yarn I was working with. She's so helpful. I'm working on a rainbow blanket for her and now I have almost enough squares to arrange and crochet together.

In the afternoon she made short work of the leaf pile we've been working on.

Then for dinner I made pizza. We'll have curry leftovers tomorrow :-)

Anatomy of a homemade pizza...

Pizza and salad.

Now I am full.

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Lori said...

I look forward to a future post with the finished blanket :)