Thursday, November 17, 2011

Working on Walking

Adele is doing well with her new shoes... she likes to wear them and is more stable with them on. They are kind of clunky with the orthotic and the larger shoe on top so she has trouble with things like climbing the steps for the slide, but on the whole she's doing a great job.

She is tired of being carried around and really wants to be able to get around on her own, and today when the physical therapist came over she brought this!

We have a push-along toy that Adele likes to walk with but it causes her to hunch over forwards and she needs to be standing more upright. The walker goes behind her which encourages her to stand up straight. As soon as she got going she really loved it and was laughing and so proud of herself for getting around on her own.

In the afternoon we went to the tennis court to give her a large space to practice in. It was really cold so we didn't stay long but she walked around a bit. Here's a video of her practicing...

And here's one of her watching Fiona (speed demon).

I'm glad she seems to like it and I'm sure she'll be running around in no time :-)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ben's Birthday

Last Saturday Ben had another birthday... and that meant a whole weekend of partying!

On Friday evening we got together with his family to have a joint celebration for him and his Dad. His Mum made an egg, black bean, salsa, cheese concoction which was delicious and served it with tortillas, avocado and crispy roasted potatoes. Yummy!

For dessert there were birthday cupcakes and apple cake. Together the birthday boys managed to blow out all 10 of their candles.

Fiona was very excited to lick the frosting off the top of her cupcake!

Saturday was Ben's actual birthday and what he wanted to do more than anything was go to the Zoo to meet Diego. Well, we had to oblige him, and Fiona was quite excited to do that too, so it worked out. At least, until Fiona actually saw Diego and then got kind of freaked out because he was too big and couldn't talk. I felt really sad for her and guilty for not explaining well enough in advance what Diego would be like in real life (i.e. a dude in a giant Diego suit). Oh well.
(Here's Diego, from a safe distance)

We had lunch at Fuddruckers which cheered Fiona up because she got to eat only chocolate milk and french fries and that's her favorite!

In the afternoon we had a dance party. Even Brodie joined in, which the girls love.

I gave Ben Robo Rally for his birthday and our friends Tanya and Boyd came over in the evening to eat pizza and play it with us. I failed to take any pictures but we had a really nice time.

Happy Birthday super love!!