Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lazy Vegetarian: Day 20

Breakfast! Toast!! How exciting! And Latte!!

Today's mug was brought from Aberdeen. It is cute and has my name on it. I try not to use it too much because it already has a couple of chips out of it and I would be sad if it broke. So today was a special day :-)

Lunch... I happened to pass by the Co-op on my may home from work and couldn't resist the lure of fresh, delicious soup. They usually have at least 2 vegetarian options and one of them today was.... Borscht!! I've never had it so I gave it a try. It was pretty much like vegetable soup but slightly tangy. It was good.

I was also unable to resist the muffins today, but I chose a bran one to be healthy and only ate half.

But I did eat the other half a few hours later. So imagine the same picture a little later.

After I picked up the girlies we headed over to Shriners to have Adele's orthotics fitted! I'm so excited for her to have these finally!

She's interested in them. She doesn't like for me to take them off. She wears them half an hour on, half an hour off all day, moving up to more time on progressively. After a week or so she should have them on all the time.

She wears regular shoes over them because they are slippy and thin so could be damaged walking around on them.

Here's a video of her walking on them. In the past her left foot was twisted off to the side and she put her weight on the inside of her foot and ankle, but the shoe helps to straighten it out and point it forward. I was warned that there would be a big adjustment but so far she is doing great!

After they were fitted we hung out and played on their playground for a while. Fiona played "baby sloth needs to be rescued" and Adele played "stand there and look adorable".

Dinner was teriyaki veggie stir fry with noodles. It was yummy though a little overcooked.

This evening I had a lovely time going to see Footloose (yes, really) with one of my favorite friends. The movie was ok... the dancing was really great but the story was a bit cheesy. I kind of expected that though. It was fun :-)

Man, I wish I had that half muffin still... I'd like to eat it now.

I'll announce the winner of the big cheeto competition in the next few days. If you haven't cast your vote yet, better get on that! Also, for you British readers - cheetoes are like wotsits but fatter. Crunchy cheetoes are like 100 year old rock hard wotsits that got all messed up looking. Now, which do you prefer?! ;-)


The Fat Mess said...

for all the effort to enter I hope the prize is some sort of supercar, or perhaps a stripper, or even a supercar with a stripper in it!

Anyway, I votee fot crunchy, as tehy are more exotic to we mountanfolken.

Kate said...

Such excitement in this post! Did the inserts come with the designs on them or did you do those yourself?

Tanya Cothran said...

Go Adele! Go Adele!

Michelle said...

I love Adele's pink coat! What lovely people bought that for her..?! x

Mum said...

Good walking Adele! Lovely to see her getting on so well.