Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lazy Vegetarian: Day 2

Day two. Sunday.

Latte and toast with marmalade. Now before you go thinking I'm fancy this "latte" is just microwaved milk with a spoonful of instant coffee stirred in. But it's nescafe, not folgers, so that's a little fancy.

I started eating the toast before I took the photo because since I got the android 2.3 update on my phone the camera has not been working right and I was waiting for the phone to reboot. And I was hungry.

Potbelly mushroom and cheese sandwich (with lettuce, tomato and mayo), broccoli cheddar soup (shared with Ben and Adele the soup monster).

The crackers were on Ben's half. I don't know why people like soggy crackers in their soup.

I also got a tiny fraction of the chocolate malt that Fiona, Ben and Adele guzzled the rest of.

Dinner: Lazy recipe! Falafel hummus sandwiches with fries and veggies and more hummus. Falafel frozen from Trader Joe's.

And some M&M's.

We also took Fiona and Adele to a fun climbing-sliding-crawling place with their cousins today. They had a really fun time together but the pictures are not on the computer yet, so that's a story for another time!

Edited to Add: Cathy blogged about it so I don't have to! Thanks Cathy!!


Lori said...

There is nothing like ending your day with a handful of M&M.

mobley said...

Ha ha Nescaff wot a sophisticate! you show 'em Lou!

mobley said...

And you've been transformed into person who knows not only what operating system her phone runs, but also what VERSION it is. Way to go, Ben - you'll have her making stop motion Star Trek lego adventures yet!

Tanya Cothran said...

I love the Potbelly veggie sandwich!