Friday, October 28, 2011

Lazy Vegetarian: Day 28

Breakfast... tea and leftover pizza! Yay vacation!

Adele and Olivia shared some nutella and toast and chili cheese fritos. Breakfast of champions!

We headed down to Navy Pier and walked around a little, the had some lunch...
Lunch: Vegetable panini and waffle fries.

After lunch we went to the Children's Museum. It was so fun, the girls had a really great time.

Fiona loved the tree house area where she could fish...

And Canoe!

I have some cute pictures but it's taking Foooooorrrrrrrrrreeeeeevvvvvveeeeeeerrrrrr to upload them so I'll post them on flickr some time when we're back. Hopefully some time in the next year.

On the bus on the way back I spotted this fantastic advert. I'll leave the interpretation up to you, but I think it's very interesting ;-)

This evening we went to the rehearsal/family get together dinner before the wedding tomorrow. It was so nice to see and meet some of Ben's cousins and family (and family to be) and the dinner was really delicious! Fiona was surprised and delighted to come out of the bathroom and find... Grandma!!

Full disclosure: I had more salad and beans and potatoes than shown, but I had to borrow Ben's phone for the pictures (it has a flash) and kept forgetting to take the picture before I started eating...


Mashed potatoes, red beans and rice...

Corn muffin. I love these so much.

Bread roll (shared with Fiona)

Pecan pie. Ohhhhhhh YUM.

It was super delicious. We went to this restaurant. Next time you're in Chicago you should go!

We're having a great trip and are so happy to be able to spend time with people we love who we don't see nearly often enough :-)

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Lori said...

I'm super excited about the trip to Chicago that you clearly have planned for you and I...and whomever wants to tag along :)