Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lazy Vegetarian: Day 27

This is going to be the fastest blog post ever because I have to be up tomorrow at 5am and I'm not quite finished packing yet...

Breakfast: Toast and Tea. I did manage to buy more coffee this evening though!

Today's mug is another from a trip to Scotland.

Lunch: More beans on toast!! One can = 2 meals. YUM. I ran out of hot dogs, so this one is just toast, beans and cheese.

I finished off part of Fiona's dinner (hummus and bread) as a pre-dinner snack...

Dinner: Leftover quiche, sweet potato bites, steamed broccoli (I added some teriyaki sauce to the broccoli after I took the picture).

This weekend we're going to Chicago and I'm sure there will be some exciting and delicious foods to share!

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Lori said...

Yeah for Chicago!