Monday, October 31, 2011

Lazy Vegetarian: Day 29, 30 & 31

I know, I fell behind. Here's a catch up!

Saturday 29th

Breakfast: Toast with nutella, mauled by a bear.

Lunch: We went to the zoo with friends in the morning and had some lunch there. We all shared some fries, Ben and I shared a cheese quesadilla and the girls shared a hot dog.

Snack: I invented a new BEST SNACK EVER. Pretzels dipped in nutella.

Dinner: Tonight was Ben's cousin Sarah's wedding. I failed to take pictures of any of the food or, even more sadly, the cake. So I'm just going to write a list...

Vegetable spring rolls with spicy dipping sauce
Pita chips with hummus and spinach dip
Veggie sandwich
Potato taquito
Chocolate caaaaaake!!

The girls had so much fun dancing the night away and we had an exciting bus ride back with a variety of spirited young people dressed in sports team shirts and halloween costumes. My sister Ali will also be happy to hear that she is no longer the only person I know to lose a shoe on a bus.

After we got home we put the tired little girls to bed and hung out with Ian for a while. By then it was Sunday morning and it seemed appropriate to have some snacks from the pizza place round the corner...

Cheesy garlic bread, mozzarella sticks and cheese fries. Enough cheese? Just and no more.

Sunday 30th

Breakfast: Adele was up at 5am so I drowned my sorrows in a nutella sandwich. Which she then ate most of, and Fiona ate the rest of. I got the crusts.

We stopped by to see our friends Tim and Shannon and their little cutie Owen on our way back home and they kindly provided us with food to keep us going for a while.

We stopped at Qdoba for dinner which we rarely eat at and were pleasantly surprised by! They have an option to choose 2 "little" things which was perfect... I got gumbo for myself and a cheese quesadilla to share with the girls, and Ben and I shared some queso dip and chips. It was very delicious.

Later there were some peanut M&Ms for car snack. It was too dark to photograph in the car so this lovely picture was taken from here.

Peanut m&m's

Now... yesterday!


Back home. Back to normal. Latte, toast. Toast with... peanut butter and nutella.

Today's mug just came in the mail! It was a gift from MPR for giving signing up to be sustaining members. We were sustaining members before but then our credit card number changed and we forgot to update it so then they were not getting their money any more, so when they did the latest membership drive (where they offer thank you gifts when people sign up) I was excited that one of them was an awesome giant red mug and we signed up again.

Lunch. Ben took the day off to recover from the weekend so we went to his favorite chinese buffet. So healthy...

For dinner we went to Cathy and Erik's house so Fiona could go trick or treating with her cousins. We had baked potatoes and I brought vegetarian chili.

Of course, being halloween I had to eat some chocolate! YUM Almond Joy!!

So there you have it. A whole month. Here are some things I'm sure you picked up on:
1. I eat a lot of toast
2. I really am lazy, I wasn't kidding
3. There is no shortage of cheese in my diet.

Also, after putting the names of all the cheeto competition entries in a hat and picking one at random I can declare with fanfare that the winner is.... MATT!! Your exciting prize will make its way to you hopefully some time this year :-)

Also, because I know you're dying to know whether crunchy or puffy wins, here are the results...

Crunchy: 2 votes
Puffy: 5 votes
Both: 2 votes
Cheese and onion crisps: 1 vote.
Hawkins cheezies: 2 votes. Canadians...

So yay for puffy! They are really the obvious choice ;-)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Lazy Vegetarian: Day 28

Breakfast... tea and leftover pizza! Yay vacation!

Adele and Olivia shared some nutella and toast and chili cheese fritos. Breakfast of champions!

We headed down to Navy Pier and walked around a little, the had some lunch...
Lunch: Vegetable panini and waffle fries.

After lunch we went to the Children's Museum. It was so fun, the girls had a really great time.

Fiona loved the tree house area where she could fish...

And Canoe!

I have some cute pictures but it's taking Foooooorrrrrrrrrreeeeeevvvvvveeeeeeerrrrrr to upload them so I'll post them on flickr some time when we're back. Hopefully some time in the next year.

On the bus on the way back I spotted this fantastic advert. I'll leave the interpretation up to you, but I think it's very interesting ;-)

This evening we went to the rehearsal/family get together dinner before the wedding tomorrow. It was so nice to see and meet some of Ben's cousins and family (and family to be) and the dinner was really delicious! Fiona was surprised and delighted to come out of the bathroom and find... Grandma!!

Full disclosure: I had more salad and beans and potatoes than shown, but I had to borrow Ben's phone for the pictures (it has a flash) and kept forgetting to take the picture before I started eating...


Mashed potatoes, red beans and rice...

Corn muffin. I love these so much.

Bread roll (shared with Fiona)

Pecan pie. Ohhhhhhh YUM.

It was super delicious. We went to this restaurant. Next time you're in Chicago you should go!

We're having a great trip and are so happy to be able to spend time with people we love who we don't see nearly often enough :-)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lazy Vegetarian: Day 28

Breakfast. I hauled myself out of bed around 5am to finish up packing for our trip. There was no time for toast, no time for coffee, just go, go, go. I had a granola bar in the car because I was hungry!

We dropped off the dog and then we were on the road. We stopped at McDonalds for some breakfast and coffee as the sun was coming up and I had an egg mcmuffin (no bacon). At first he tried to give me no egg, but luckily after some back and forth the one that came out was baconless. It was still pretty gross though. The hash brown was good but Adele ate that. The mocha machine was not working and I ended up with regular coffee which I doctored with 4 sugars and 4 creamers and was still not good. SEE? THIS is why I eat the same thing every morning! I can't handle a disappointing breakfast!


For lunch we spotted an Indian Buffet when we stopped for gas just past Madison. Fiona had just woken up and it was the perfect time to stop. And it was delicious. Mmmmm vegetable korma.

Car snack! Chili cheese fritos.

We made it through the tolls and traffic and under the scary old bridges...

And arrived at the apartment we're staying in, which is lovely, and our friends Ian, Olivia and Carole arrived a little after that, then Ben's friend Matt met up with us for dinner... turns out there's a great place round the corner for Chicago Pizza!! It was very dark inside...

Dinner: Chicago pizza!

I know, you can't see it. This is what it looked like (from wikipedia). I'm actually not sure exactly which kind of Chicago pizza it was, but it was delicious.

Ohhhh yum. Roll on breakfast!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lazy Vegetarian: Day 27

This is going to be the fastest blog post ever because I have to be up tomorrow at 5am and I'm not quite finished packing yet...

Breakfast: Toast and Tea. I did manage to buy more coffee this evening though!

Today's mug is another from a trip to Scotland.

Lunch: More beans on toast!! One can = 2 meals. YUM. I ran out of hot dogs, so this one is just toast, beans and cheese.

I finished off part of Fiona's dinner (hummus and bread) as a pre-dinner snack...

Dinner: Leftover quiche, sweet potato bites, steamed broccoli (I added some teriyaki sauce to the broccoli after I took the picture).

This weekend we're going to Chicago and I'm sure there will be some exciting and delicious foods to share!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lazy Vegetarian: Day 25

Breakfast. Tragedy! I ran out of coffee. And I tried to buy some more after dropping the girls off but Kowalski's only had Folgers and some other weird brand. What the heck? I had already warmed up the milk before I realized so I had to have hot chocolate instead. Disappointing.

Today's mug is from Colgate University where Ben's cousin Amanda studied. He thinks she gave it to him as a gift when she visited Ann Arbor.

Lunch: My friend Sang spotted British baked beans at a store and instead of just letting me know he'd seen them actually bought some for me as a surprise. Which makes him pretty much the awesomest friend ever. Thanks Sang :-) Most recent recipient of that honored title was Emily, who brought me Shortbread from her trip to Scotland, so if you'd like to win a place in my heart, you know what to do...

I had some beans for lunch today on toast with chopped up veggie hot dogs and cheese on top. Delicious.

British beans are different from American beans, I think mainly because they're not flavored with maple or molasses. They have a more tomato-ey flavour. I like American beans, but I could never eat them on toast.

Here's some interesting beans trivia, shamelessly copied from Wikipedia.

  • 1941-1948: The Ministry of Food classifies Heinz Baked Beans as an "essential food", as part of its wartime rationing system.

Essential Food. No kidding!!

After that I had some tea and a piece of the aforementioned Shortbread...

For dinner this evening I tried something new... acorn squash baked with butter and brown sugar (and maple syrup). I used this recipe though I used 1 tsp of sugar and one 1sp of maple syrup for each half instead of 1 tbsp of each. It was definitely enough.

I made onion, spinach, tomato, three cheese quiche to eat with it, and while I was working on these things I got dinner ready for the girls... short order cook? Yes. That's me.

Adele entertained herself very nicely while I was cooking. Before I got the video going she was saying "lie down, go to sleep baby". In the video she's just saying "lie down".

Ben got home late and by then it was bath and bedtime, so I warmed the food up again later. It was good, but I was super hungry ;-)

That's all for today. I promise, tomorrow I'll announce the grand prize winner of the cheetoes competition!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Lazy Vegetarian: Day 24

Breakfast: Latte and burned toast. Gah.

Today's mug is one that Fiona made for Ben for father's day last year. We went to paint your plate in Edina (which - crazily - doesn't have a website!) and Grandma came with us to hold Adele so I could help Fiona. Fiona had a lot of fun and Ben liked his gift.

This morning we had a halloween party with a bunch of friends. Fiona dressed up as a cat this year. We got ears and a tail (and bowtie, for some reason, which came with the cat accessories) and I attached a furry cat tummy to a black shirt, which she wore with black leggings. She is over the moon with her cat costume and was very sad to have to take it off this evening after wearing it all day.

Adele borrowed a puppy costume from her sweet friend Annabelle but got kind of warm and uncomfortable, so wanted to take it off again before I got a picture. I'll take one another time, it's very cute.

Fiona and Adele with some of their friends...

The party was potluck and there were some delicious snacks, and a very strange beverage that was a combination of tasty and fruity and gross and slimy. We brought cheesy potatoes and some strawberries. Adele ate most of the snacks I was trying to share with her though I managed to eat half a cookie and some potatoes. I forgot to take a picture, so here's a picture of the half cookie and potatoes I ate once I got home...

For dinner we had more potatoes (they are too good) and I made black bean burgers. I use this recipe, and it is yummy, thought I always add cumin, coriander and a little thyme to the burgers and skip the seasoned ketchup. Tonight I had mine with guacamole, spinach, tomato, cheddar cheese and bacon mayonnaise*

*Doesn't contain actual bacon. Does contain deliciousness.

Ben thought it was good.