Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lazy Vegetarian: Day 20

I know, yesterday is also named day 20. I published it after midnight so when I checked the date it was already the next day. And my brain works more slowly after midnight so I didn't notice.

Breakfast. Toast and Latte.

Today's mug is from the to trip to Washington DC Ben and I took the summer we met.

Obviously from this picture you can't tell where we are so you will have to just trust me. This is the best photo of us from the trip, which is pretty sad, and that handsome fellow in the back is our friend Peter. He lives in Tennessee with his lovely wife and we miss them!

Lunch-ish. We went to the Como Zoo with friends and had a picnic. I had an apple and a delicious pumpkin bar made by the charming and talented Vicki.

Fiona was taking some photos later and I think managed to delete the one of the apple. But you know what an apple looks like at least.

Later at the zoo Fiona remembered I said she could have some ice cream so we had coffee (me) and ice cream (the girls) with our second wave of zoo friends.

I meant to eat some more lunch once we got home, but then I was busy cleaning and cooking while the girls both miraculously napped, so I forgot.

This evening we had friends over for dinner - I was going to make lasagne but I only had fusilli and I didn't have any onions so in the bolognese I used a lot of garlic, some kidney beans and a splash of red wine instead. I layered that with bechamel sauce and pasta, then topped it with cheese. Tanya and Boyd brought yummy salad and Emily made a delicious pan fried cauliflower with golden raisins and pine nuts.

For dessert Mandy and Aaron brought apple cake. Mmmm good. I may or may not have a slice hidden away for tomorrow.

It was a fun night hanging out with good friends while eating delicious food. I am looking forward to doing it again soon! Consider yourselves all officially invited :-)

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