Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lazy Vegetarian: Day 12

My lovely friend Anna is pregnant and apparently all these pictures of food have been making her feel nauseous or hungry, so to help her out, this post has been modified specially for her.

Breakfast: Toast, Latte.

The bread was smaller than the last loaf so I had cheese on my toast to substantialize it. I also just invented a new word.

Today's mug is just one I found at Target, but it's tartan and it reminded me of home. It's also gigantic, and therefore holds a lot of tea. I love it. Though in the morning I have to remember it's extra big and only half fill it with coffee or I get way too jittery and caffeinated.

Lunch: Leftover risotto. I know, I had that yesterday, and also the day before. BORING. Also, some bread and pineapple.

Dinner: I had a late afternoon meeting in St. Paul that I had to arrange food for, and tonight it was pizza... It was from Pizza Luce though so it was delicious.

I'm feeling kind of peckish so I might have to have a pre-bedtime snack, but if so it'll probably be toast, so just imagine that next!

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Lori said...

You are so thoughtful to your friends. Your wonderful posts make me hungry and then sad that all I have to eat is cold cereal. So if you could help me out next, that would be great :)