Friday, October 7, 2011

Lazy Vegetarian: Day 7

Breakfast... toast, marmalade... tea?! Something's gone wrong! There was only a dribble of milk left so I had to have tea.

Not to worry though, after dropping off the girls at daycare I picked up some milk and since it was Friday I had a sneaky mocha from caribou. Yummy! Here it is helping me prepare to check facebook do some serious work.

Lunch: Multigrain toast (yes, more toast) with brie and tomatoes, and some corn chowder.

Dinner... date night!! Grandpa kindly watched the girls for a little while and Ben and I went to Red Robin (which we go to way too often, but it's convenient and delicious) and had a whole conversation uninterrupted by anyone needing to be taken to the bathroom. Going there works well for us because they have all kinds of burgers with different toppings but also two different vegetarian patty substitutions. I had the banzai burger which has teriyaki sauce, cheese, pineapple and mayo on it. I love mayo.

So don't expect too much tomorrow because after that dinner I'm not sure I'll need to eat for a couple of days.

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