Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lazy Vegetarian: Day 25

Breakfast. Tragedy! I ran out of coffee. And I tried to buy some more after dropping the girls off but Kowalski's only had Folgers and some other weird brand. What the heck? I had already warmed up the milk before I realized so I had to have hot chocolate instead. Disappointing.

Today's mug is from Colgate University where Ben's cousin Amanda studied. He thinks she gave it to him as a gift when she visited Ann Arbor.

Lunch: My friend Sang spotted British baked beans at a store and instead of just letting me know he'd seen them actually bought some for me as a surprise. Which makes him pretty much the awesomest friend ever. Thanks Sang :-) Most recent recipient of that honored title was Emily, who brought me Shortbread from her trip to Scotland, so if you'd like to win a place in my heart, you know what to do...

I had some beans for lunch today on toast with chopped up veggie hot dogs and cheese on top. Delicious.

British beans are different from American beans, I think mainly because they're not flavored with maple or molasses. They have a more tomato-ey flavour. I like American beans, but I could never eat them on toast.

Here's some interesting beans trivia, shamelessly copied from Wikipedia.

  • 1941-1948: The Ministry of Food classifies Heinz Baked Beans as an "essential food", as part of its wartime rationing system.

Essential Food. No kidding!!

After that I had some tea and a piece of the aforementioned Shortbread...

For dinner this evening I tried something new... acorn squash baked with butter and brown sugar (and maple syrup). I used this recipe though I used 1 tsp of sugar and one 1sp of maple syrup for each half instead of 1 tbsp of each. It was definitely enough.

I made onion, spinach, tomato, three cheese quiche to eat with it, and while I was working on these things I got dinner ready for the girls... short order cook? Yes. That's me.

Adele entertained herself very nicely while I was cooking. Before I got the video going she was saying "lie down, go to sleep baby". In the video she's just saying "lie down".

Ben got home late and by then it was bath and bedtime, so I warmed the food up again later. It was good, but I was super hungry ;-)

That's all for today. I promise, tomorrow I'll announce the grand prize winner of the cheetoes competition!


Hazel said...

Aubrey has been putting her baby to bed, too! Okay, actually, her monkey. So sweet to watch. She also pretends to change his diaper. He doesn't put up nearly the fight that she does when it's time for her diaper change.

Sorry you couldn't have coffee today. That's just not right.

Kate said...

Is your acorn squash totally yellow? I've never seen such a thing! Too bad World Market isn't around here anymore, they had a grand collection of all sorts of non-American treats, like my sorely missed favorite, Flake chocolate.

Lori said...

I like to think of myself as obedient, so I think that I will "Lie down" :)