Monday, October 24, 2011

Lazy Vegetarian: Day 24

Breakfast: Latte and burned toast. Gah.

Today's mug is one that Fiona made for Ben for father's day last year. We went to paint your plate in Edina (which - crazily - doesn't have a website!) and Grandma came with us to hold Adele so I could help Fiona. Fiona had a lot of fun and Ben liked his gift.

This morning we had a halloween party with a bunch of friends. Fiona dressed up as a cat this year. We got ears and a tail (and bowtie, for some reason, which came with the cat accessories) and I attached a furry cat tummy to a black shirt, which she wore with black leggings. She is over the moon with her cat costume and was very sad to have to take it off this evening after wearing it all day.

Adele borrowed a puppy costume from her sweet friend Annabelle but got kind of warm and uncomfortable, so wanted to take it off again before I got a picture. I'll take one another time, it's very cute.

Fiona and Adele with some of their friends...

The party was potluck and there were some delicious snacks, and a very strange beverage that was a combination of tasty and fruity and gross and slimy. We brought cheesy potatoes and some strawberries. Adele ate most of the snacks I was trying to share with her though I managed to eat half a cookie and some potatoes. I forgot to take a picture, so here's a picture of the half cookie and potatoes I ate once I got home...

For dinner we had more potatoes (they are too good) and I made black bean burgers. I use this recipe, and it is yummy, thought I always add cumin, coriander and a little thyme to the burgers and skip the seasoned ketchup. Tonight I had mine with guacamole, spinach, tomato, cheddar cheese and bacon mayonnaise*

*Doesn't contain actual bacon. Does contain deliciousness.

Ben thought it was good.

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Lori said...

If Fiona is the cat, maybe Adriana could be the kitten...ME-OW!