Friday, October 14, 2011

Lazy Vegetarian: Day 14

Breakfast. Today with a twist! Toast, latte and leftover banana nut bread from yesterday! I know, how adventurous!

Today's mug is also from Las Vegas when we went there to get married. We stayed (and got married) in the Monte Carlo and there we found matching mugs with our names on them. This is the only place in this country that I have ever found a mug with my name on it, but I think it's possible they also have them in Florida because that's where they have the most old people.

Midmorning snack: I had a meeting at work this morning so I brought some doughnuts. And they were good.

Lunch: After the meeting I had lunch at Punch Pizza with my friend Emily. We shared a pizza and salad and both were yummy.

For dinner, since it was Friday, and to avoid breaking the trend of all the super healthy eating I did already today, we had Chinese food. Vegetable moo shu, sesame tofu and cream cheese wontons. The vegetable moo shu was really tasty but the wontons were cold (maybe because I was putting Adele to bed when it was delivered) and the sesame sauce was a bit too sweet. Still, it was nice to not have to break my streak and actually cook something!

Tomorrow's Saturday... and who knows what lazy, unhealthy food choices it will bring! In addition to toast, of course.


Hazel said...

Hey I burnt my toast today too! Good times.

Lori said...

Just a side note, if you are interested: yesterday I enjoyed a Pecan Pumpkin Concrete Mixer from Culvers for breakfast. That is vegetarian, right?