Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I know, I am totally off the blogging wagon. And so much has happened that there's little point in trying to catch up.


Tuesdays are our low key days. Fiona is kind of a homebody and likes to have a day where we don't need to go anywhere or do anything, or put clothes on, and that gives me a day to try to get some housework done. Today we really needed milk so we did make a trip to the store, but she wore her pyjamas. I figure if 2/3 of us are dressed that's good enough.

After we got home I had the bright idea of having the girls assist me with the cleaning. They both love spraying with the cleaning spray and today the floor needed to be mopped. It seemed like a good idea at the time to let them help mop with the toy mop they have. Little did I know that this would be the catalyst for the most epic mop war you have ever seen. They both desperately wanted to be the sole mop user. It was bizarre. At one point Fiona grabbed the mop from Adele, hit her on the head with it and ran away and hid. By the time we were done both girls were crying and I was bellowing the ever useful phrase "BECAUSE I'M THE BOSS!". Madness. At least the floor was clean though.

In an attempt to finish the small amount of cleaning I was trying to do I set Fiona up with her markers and some paper, and put Adele in a separate room with another toy. All was calm until I caught the hint of an ominous sound over the roar of the vacuum. After a sprint to the bathroom I found Adele armpit deep in the toilet proudly scrubbing it for all she was worth with the purloined mop. There was a significant amount of water on the floor, but thankfully I had already cleaned the toilet.

Shortly after that Fiona showed me what she had been drawing. Here it is:

According to Fiona from left to right, we have: Monty, Adele in possession of the mop (standing on the stool), with water on the floor, Fiona crying because Adele has the mop and me trying to make Fiona feel better. I know it looks suspicious but I'm HUGGING her, ok. 

And just to show that it's not all tears and drama, here are a few recent happy pictures.

Adele loves Monty so much. Monty is willing to tolerate her love. 

At the Autoshow this weekend.

Story time before bed.