Saturday, April 30, 2011

April 30th

I'm writing tonight from Cathy and Erik's house. We're about to have game night, which is a night where we get together and play games. Our friends Lori and David are joining us shortly and there's sure to be newlywed game, and maybe some other awkward games that require sharing too much personal information. It's bound to be a good night :-)

Right now we're hanging out and eating cheetoes. I don't have any game night gossip yet, but maybe later. This is the last day of April, and amazingly I have managed to meet the goal of posting every day. It's been a fun challenge, and although I won't be posting every day in the future I think it has been useful in making me think to post more often.

So I'll see you in a few days :-) Enjoy your Saturday night!


Lori said...

It was a BLAST last night hanging out and being sinfully childish and immature. I strongly think that your fans deserve a post about last night with pictures included. Make sure that you post that picture of Cathy wearing you know what :)

Mum said...

I will miss the daily news updates, but it has been good that you did it for the whole month! Well Done!