Saturday, April 9, 2011

The other zoo.

Warning: Today's post is from the zoo and contains scenes of a graphic and arachnoid nature.

We go to the Minnesota Zoo all the time (got to make that membership worthwhile!) but today we ventured North and East to Como Zoo with my lovely friend Emily. Fiona refers to her as "big Emily" which is not very polite but does differentiate her from cousin Emily, who is smaller (but only because she's a child!!).

We didn't take pictures of many of the animals because Adele was in the carrier and gets really angry when I won't let her grab the camera, but we did take pictures of the highlights, such as

Really Adorable Sloth:

Giant tarantula eating something incredibly disgusting:

And of course, Zebra with "appendage"...
As soon as Fiona walked into this enclosure she shouted "willy!". Girl knows her anatomy... And then when we saw the other Zebras she informed us "no willy". Right again Fiona. Ah, proud moments...

The last time we were here I was pregnant with Adele, and we tried to take a picture with both girls to compare how much younger I looked back then, but it was difficult to get both girls to look in the right direction!

Then. Wow, I look young!

Now. Wow, I look tired!!

And here's one of Ben with Fiona so he doesn't feel left out. And so I can take another one of HIM in the same location in two years to make him feel bad about looking so old and haggared. Awww, just kidding. He'll always look like a hot young thing. That's what getting more than 4 consecutive hours of sleep will do for you ;-)
Lookin' good! :-)

And that concludes the highlights from today so far. We're heading out to Grandma and Grandpa's house now to have a family dinner. My brothers in law John and Mike are visiting and arrived this afternoon, so it will be good to see them. And there will be cake. Fiona is excited.


Mrs Chronic-Shock said...

Nice zoology photos ;) You still look as lovely as ever!
Tell everyone we send our love!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh! I love it. We should go to the zoo together sometime, dude! We have a fancy zoo membership and live near the, um, not-fancy zoo.

bob said...

Its eating a frog!!!

Love Robbie!

bob said...

Changed my mind, its a baby chick!!

Louise said...

Thanks Jenn!

Karen, let's do it! That would be great!

Robbie, I think chick too. But maybe it's just hugging it... not eating it. Maybe it was lonely... :-/