Thursday, April 28, 2011


Thursday is a no daycare day, so that is one of the days we "do things". I was convinced Adele's physical therapist was coming at 9am, but she's actually coming next week, so we had an extra hour to do stuff. I am glad I was wrong in the right direction - a couple of weeks ago I thought she wasn't coming and when she arrived at 9am the house was a disaster, Adele and I were in our pyjamas and Fiona was running around naked. I do not want to repeat that!

Often on Thursdays we head to the mall for a walk with our friends. One lap of the Mall of America is a little over half a mile so a few laps is pretty good exercise, especially pushing a stroller/carrying a baby/wearing a backpack/any number of other things that make just walking much harder!

After we walk a few laps we let the kids out in the big open space by Hooters to run around.

We also use their bathroom multiple times a visit, and they are super nice about it even though we never buy any wings.

Today we walked with our awesome friends Vicki, Mia and Brecken, and Sang and Annabelle. We love them :-)

We had some lunch together and then headed home for naps. Miraculously both girls took naps and I got some work done and read some of my book for next book club. It's at Cathy's house and we're reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett. Two chapters in it's very good!

Later in the afternoon we played and snacked and colored and danced and I got some cleaning done. Fiona used her tools.

Adele crawled around and practiced standing up. She's getting really good at it!

Then we hit up Cathy and Emily for some babysitting and Ben and I went out for dinner. Yay!! The girls had fun and Ben and I had fun too...

Mmm mexican restaurant.

Good day. friends. Good fun. Good margaritas. And tomorrow is Friday! Couldn't be better :-)


Lori said...

Your girls are looking more alike and continue to be SUPER cute!

mobley said...

"The Help" is a great book. And I'm a fan of Hooters too. Great wings and benevolent attitude to toddlers' use of bathroom facilities. That's why, as far as I remember...