Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Artist in Residence

Fiona is usually more interested in jumping on the couch and screeching than sitting quietly and coloring, so today when she asked for paper and markers I was all for it!

Like her frantic jumping around, her drawings usually tend to be wild and unbridled, but surprisingly today she began to draw people! I was so impressed that I have to share some of her creations, and the commentary that went along with it...

First up: Daddy!

Those patches on his face are cheeks. CHEEKS! I love it :-)

Then Mummy...

To my right is a spaceship. Also...

Fiona: arm, arm... (draws another arm)... that's a beer
Me: that's a beer?!
Fiona: yep, you need a beer.


She also gave me "HUGE legs". I was dying laughing by this point and could not wait to see what was next!

Next - Fiona. Self Portrait:

I kid you not, this one is a profile. She drew it and pointed at the right side and said that was the nose. She drew eyes and a mouth on the right in appropriate places and that scribble in the middle is hair. The spot under the left arm, and the corresponding spot on the right are ARMPITS! The fact that the right arm comes out of her forehead is neither here nor there, the girl's a genius I tell you!

Adele and Brodie:

With Adele she started with tiny arms on either side and then said "Oh, she's so little! Here's her cute little face!" and added a small circle. Later she added legs and decided she needed clothes and filled in the leg space (which I can only assume means the rest of us are naked).


Monty is chanelling an elephant.

Finally - Cathy!

She was running out of steam, so there are no embellishments on this one, but I love it! I'm not sure what the third leg-like addition is, but I am looking forward to many more humanoid creations from my amazing little artist!


Kate said...

Hilarious and so entertaining! I taught Audrey about the term "abstract" a few months ago, which she pulls out of het sleeve whenever I question confusing embellishments. ;)

The Fat Mess said...

She draws like Allie Brosch.

Lori said...

I'm just amazed that she was able to get Brodie, Monty, and Cathy to sit still while she clearly looked at them as live models. TOO CUTE!

Tanya Cothran said...

Lovely! I love the profile self-portrait. Good job Fiona!

Cathy said...

She is amazing! I am honored that I am in her early years collection. She is so advanced, I always forget to add the armpits to my people.