Saturday, April 23, 2011

Goodbyes and Easter Eggs

Today we sadly said farewell to our vacation companions. They headed south to fly home and we drove north back to our regular lives. We are so lucky to have such fun, accommodating, incredibly generous family, and had a really wonderful time. Fiona keeps asking to go back to 'Sconsin to Chocolate Moose house, and I think we'll be hearing that for some time.

To take her mind off the tragedy that is the end of a vacation, we all went over to Grandma and Grandpa's house this evening to partake in the annual colored egg-stravaganza. This year she was old enough to really enjoy dipping and checking on the eggs, sticking stickers on them, and seeing the magical letters appear. We had a really nice time working on it together.

Cathy took all the following pictures and was nice enough to share them with me so I could blog about it. Thanks Cathy!

Fiona and Scotlyn dip the eggs in the super permanent dye. Beqi and I remain on the alert, ready to leap into action to avert egg dye disaster...


Making invisible letters that will magically appear!


Ryan and Andrew being industrious.


Apparently there is confusion every year in the Tennant house about which eggs belong to which Tennant. Emily solved the problem this year by writing her name on every egg she made. Smart girl!!


Grandma checks to make sure our eggs are up to standard...


We're done! Multicolored egg sandwiches for an entire week - here we come!


Pretty. And magical!


We had a lot of fun, and then chocolate fondue with strawberries appeared, which made this the most spectacular Easter-eve egg party ever. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Luckily Cathy did not manage to take a picture of me stuffing my face with chocolate dipped strawberries. Post-vacation diet starts on Monday.


Lori said...

Happy Easter!

Kate said...

I never get sick of seeing people's colored eggs... pretty! But I do wish there had been a fondue picture. ;) (typed as I eat a Cadberry egg with my coffee)