Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yard Work

This week the weather has been really nice (in the mid 40s/low 50s a.k.a. Scottish Summer ;-) so yesterday Fiona and I began the epic task that is spring cleaning the yard. For a yard that's only 0.12 acres, I am constantly surprised by the amount of effort it takes to keep it looking reasonable. Not good, just reasonable.

On Monday we took on less than 1/4 of the back yard. My goal was to pick up the poop and scoop up the leaves on the patio. We didn't get round to any raking last fall so we have the pleasure of doing that in spring instead. Our neighbor's tree (which technically I think should be half ours since we get at least 50% of it's droppings) doesn't shed it's leaves until November, and by then we had a nice covering of snow, and raking never happened.

Fiona is a great help with the poop part because she is closer to the ground, and whenever she spots one (which honestly is not hard, it's six months worth of poop we're talking about) she yells "POOP!!" and I pick it up. She had a good time pushing the rake and broom around too, and was really happy to have use of her little house again, making me many cups of tea. That's my girl :-)

Here's a picture of yesterday's progress:

Today we continued our efforts and I managed to clean up another 1/4 of the back. We're making progress.

I know it doesn't look good, but it looks better. Especially when compared to the other side...

For all of you yard work rookies out there, I have prepared an handy "Q & A" session based on my recently acquired yard work experience.

Q: My leaf blower/sucker seems to be on fire on the inside. Is this normal?
A: Do you mean "on fire" in a Charlie Sheen sense, or are there actual flames?
Q: No, actual flames. Is this safe?
A: Probably not. However, if someone knows this is actually normal, please tell me, because it would be nice if I could use mine...

Q: Some of my leaves are still stuck to the ground with ice. Should I wait a little until they thaw?
A: NO!! Chop that up with a dandelion stabber and toss it all in the bag.

Q: Will a regular paper lawn waste bag hold sodden leaves and ice chunks? It says "dry and damp yard waste" on it...
A: So far so good...

Q: I can only find two right handed gardening gloves. Is the left hand really necessary?
A: No, but it is more comfortable to have one of each.

Q: I keep buying earplugs for my husband and they keep vanishing. Any idea where they are?
A: Yes, my dog ate them, and they are now scattered all over my back yard. If you're missing moon dough, foam bath letters, or a variety of brightly colored plastic toys, those are here too.

And that concludes "yard upkeep for the inept". I hope it was useful.

While I was finishing up this evening, Adele and Fiona played together on the tiny swing I rescued from the half that is not yet de-pooped. They had a great time playing together. I think they'll be friends soon :-)

The reason she is yelling "dinosaur" in the end is because she thinks her picture is being taken. I don't know what that's about, but it makes for some interesting pictures!


Anonymous said...
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Lori said...

Nothing says, "I'm ready for the camera", like "DINOSAUR"!

Tanya Cothran said...

The poop hunt is just getting Fiona ready for the Easter Egg hunt in a few weeks!

michellend said...

Oh my I got a good giggle! Can SO relate to the dog poop pile up of 6 months and the bizarre bright colored bits of plastic that seem to show up...glad we aren't the only ones whose dog has plastic lining her intestines. =) And I totally agree on the size vs the burden. How on earth do people with massive lawns keep them looking so great? (As my husband would say...if you have a lawn that nice and that large, you have enough money for a lawn service!)

Louise said...

Lori, I agree.

Tanya, I should really make more effort with some kind of egg hunt this year. The chocolate button hunt last year was quite lame. Oh to be organized and energetic!

Michelle, I think they must have gardeners. And dog poop scoopers and gutter cleaners and probably someone to empty the trash out of the car. All other services I could benefit from :-)