Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Things that made me smile today.

Today was not the best day in the world, but I saw a few things that made me smile, and luckily I remembered to take their "picture".

Side note: I think I need a new word to describe the random (pretty poor quality) pictures I take with my phone. Crapshots? Too potty related. Blurraroids? Just sounds painful. Any suggestions?

1. I was at work and I passed this advert chalked on the ground...

(click to enlarge)

My first reaction was to smile. Who doesn't need more hugs in their day? And frankly, a hug would have been pretty great right then! In reality, the sign was a day old, and let's be honest, it was probably put there by the campus perverts society or something whose main goal was just to cop a sneaky feel of some unsuspecting hug starved student.

2. I got back to my car and found this!!

Car twins!!

I get a big kick out of parking my car next to another car that is the same, and I LOVE that this car parked by me. For the record, mine is the squinty-parked one on the left. And here's another let's be honest... it's possible they HAD to park there because my half-assed parking job left the space next to me open until all the other places were filled. But still - yay! Car twins!

3. I headed back into work this evening, and on my way out saw this!

That, my friends, is an i-pad release day length line waiting for free ice cream. And that brought me back to student-y days where I would have been more than happy to stand with my friends (or the Ben, if he had that kind of patience) in a line that wrapped round a building and far down the street for the promise of a free ice cream cone. And you know what else is in that picture? LEGS! It's warm enough now to stand in that line without getting frostbite. Good times :-)


Lori said...

Things that make you smile. Usually I would say that you are easily amused. However, with your clever comments and justifications on each "smile promoting" picture...I see that you look for the little things in your day and you are grateful for them. There might be more World Peace if people went around smiling at perverted chalk writings on the sidewalk and bare legs :)

The Fat Mess said...

I am glad you are finding amusement in the mundane ;)
I really like just taking snapshots (crapshots) of things that amuse me, I often think about getting a small camera just for the purpose, but I have never really got that together.

Kate said...

"Free sexual intercourse" written in chalk wouldn't have been a nearly as
cuddly-sounding advertisement, but would have still gotten a smile from me.