Monday, May 2, 2011

Chair Quest

Ben and I have been looking for a new office chair. We looked at Ikea, but sometimes being in Ikea makes me feel like someone is vacuuming out my soul and I did not have the energy for it that day*. Later that week we went to Office Something (Max? Depot? I cannot tell them apart...) and checked theirs out. They had a lot, and a good selection of filing cabinets, which we will shop for another day. Can't buy too much office furniture in one day!

*Dang it, Ikea, I don't want to tour your whole store every time I go in! Sometimes I just want to buy a chair and go home!

Fiona and Adele had a nice time testing out all the chairs. Fiona has one criteria: how fast does it spin. Adele is more picky, she also likes to see how they taste. I feel bad for the suckers who end up with the half price demonstration models because they're all chewed on and drooly.

Next to these fine specimens there was also this sad sack old chair.

That thing looks like it's seen better days. Which is pretty bad considering that it's brand new! It looks like the kind of chair you'd find in a university basement with a pipe smoking 112 year old professor sleeping in it. The funniest thing is that the sign on it says it's certified by the American Chiropractic Association*. So it looks like crap but it's really good for your health. Kind of like cottage cheese.

Side note: list of websites that show up in a google search for "ACA" before the American Chiropractic Association:

American Counseling Association
American Camp Association
American Correctional Association
Association of Credit and Collections
Adult Children of Alcoholics
American Canoe Association

I'm telling you, "ACA" is the poster acronym for groups that help people with problems. Except the Canoe Association. Those guys are beyond help.

Anyway, after rejecting the saggy old man chair and selecting tight-seated young looking chair, we took it home and Ben built it. It's a great chair! Fiona likes it even though it's not super spinny.

When we were collapsing the box to put in the recycling I spotted this on the side:

All these things are things I would expect to see on a chair box... except for the very last thing. Why is there a winky face after "tension adjustment"? Just what kind of "tension adjustment" are we talking about here??!


Carole said...

I love your attention to the details - thanks for sharing the chair box picture, I needed a laugh. No idea why it has a winkie face. BTW, did you know that there are shortcut doorways in IKEA so you can avoid walking through the entire store? It's like a game to play, to see who can go from start to finish in the fastest time. Thanks for all your posts, they are great, Chris and I always enjoy them. Love the pics of the kids, too - they are beautiful. Miss you guys!

Michelle said...

That winky is hilarious! No one copy edits for them? (or at least anyone who is older than 20?) Not saying I don't use =) way too much, but in emails, etc., my audience is different than that of chair buyers =)

BTW, I've kept a keen eye on Craig's List since being on bed rest (we got a crib and a snowblower yesterday!) In the past several days there have been good looking file cabinets in the free listings. One place has like 18 of them. You may want to check it out...filing cabs are expensive! They may not fit the bill, but it may be worth a look...Have a good day! Michelle