Monday, April 25, 2011

4/25. Back to work.

Today we had big event on at work, and I spent the day running around with the girls making final preparations. We had to get some flowers, and when we walked into Bachman's Fiona looked around and said "Oh, how lovely!". The ladies behind us were very entertained, and it was really cute.

We got the flowers and stuck around to have some lunch. Fiona wanted soup, but there was only chicken noodle and chili (how hard is it to have one be vegetarian?! seriously?) so she settled for cheese quiche. I really thought she would like it because she likes eggs and she likes cheese, but even with ketchup it was like I was force feeding her poison. She ate a few bites because she had a cookie waiting for her, and Adele ate an enormous amount - she loved it. Fiona was mostly delighted that we got to eat lunch right next to a fountain, even if it did rain on us a little...

(Here's Fiona, who now looks anywhere except the camera when you take her picture)

Adele, entertaining as always...

Fiona, not to be outdone. But still not looking at the camera!

My ingenious solution for keeping the flowers upright in the car.

The event went really well, and the food was all eaten, which was my biggest concern. However, I totally over-ordered on the cake and have THIS MUCH left over...

This is cake 2 of 2... at least 1 of 2 was polished off. I'll take some to daycare, and Ben will take some to work and hopefully that will take care of it. I'd finish it myself, but the post-vacation diet began today ;-)

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