Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Today we went shopping after I picked up the girls from daycare. We stopped at Kowalski's because it's really close to daycare and more convenient. As soon as we got there Fiona wanted to go potty, but because it's a smaller store they don't have an easily accessible public bathroom - it's through the back, past the stock rooms, down the steep stairs, past the noisy refrigerators and boilers, past the staff room, and in the corner. It's painted green, which Fiona thinks is really fun, but it's not the simplest journey to make. Of course as soon as we were in there she changed her mind and wouldn't go. Sometimes I think she's just toying with me.

After that we got the shopping we needed and Fiona pushed the tiny cart. She LOVES the tiny cart. Other shoppers do not love the tiny cart. She gets in their way and has a tendency to run into them with it. She sure looks cute doing it though!

She still won't look at the camera!

Ok, so we didn't do anything exciting today. Maybe tomorrow!


Lori said...

I have to is always exciting to any girl! Looks like you had a great day!

Cathy said...

Did you stage the contents of the shopping cart? Where are all the cookies, chips and candies?