Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Quest for the Golden Arches.

Today Ben (in his infinite wisdom) promised Fiona that we could go to McDonalds for lunch so she could play in the big slide. There is a McDonalds 5 minutes from our cabin, but it doesn't have a playland so we ventured further afield. He called them to ask where the nearest one with a playland was and we were directed to one in nearby Baraboo. We got to the one the GPS thought we were aiming for and there was no playland, but they assured us that there was one "further down the hill". The next one we passed along the way also did not have a playland (are you keeping count? That's 3 rejected McDonalds now) and 20 minutes later we arrived at the one that did have a playland, but Fiona had fallen asleep on the way. But dang it, we were going to play! We force fed her some lunch and then she started playing but due to the large number of loud, violent boys in there it was pretty intimidating and poor Catherine had to go in there with her. Worth it? Debatable. But Fiona at least had some fun.

On the way to and from our epic lunch destination we passed a sign for an "adult store and bakery". We're totally going back before Saturday to clear up the question about whether or not the bakery is also "adult". I seriously hope it is.

After lunch and a little shopping in the creepiest sweet shop on earth* we went on the Army Ducks Dells River Tour. Note, the picture on the website makes it look action packed, but luckily it was fairly sedate after the inital terrifying land to river maneuver. It was also absolutely freezing, but that's what you get for vacationing in January. Oh no, hold on, it's April. It just feels like January.

* Seriously, it's super creepy.

The army ducks tour is really fun. It's a world war 2 amphibious vehicle that drives on the road and swims in the water. Here are some pictures.

Fiona was soothed by the deafening roar of the engine and took a nap.

These rocks were made of sandstone and were very interesting.

The tour was great, and then we headed home. Fiona and Adele had a swim in the enormous jacuzzi bath in the cabin (Adele went in in her pool floatie so she could splash around and she loved it) then it was bedtime. Phew.


Lori said...

Maybe the adult and bakery shop has adult items in pastry form? OR it is breaded delicacies that only adult taste buds would enjoy? I really have no idea, but keep your post on that one G-rated for those of us with virginous eyes (hehehehe). Your Surprise Vegetable Delivery still haunts me in the dark of night :)

mobley said...

I wonder how many times the tag "amphibious vehicles" will feature in future Hamer adventures?

Mum said...

Looks like fun in the boat/bus - but also looks very cold! Glad you are all having fun! If it is an adult bakery you spotted,I am sure we will see the photos later.

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