Friday, April 15, 2011

Girls and songs.

Fiona likes for me to sing "you are my sunshine" to her, except using "goofball" instead of "sunshine". Today she was singing it to me and I managed to catch it on video. She was in a videoing mood, normally she clams up when I point it at her.

Not to be outdone we discovered that when you sing the beginning of James Blunt's Stay the Night (badly) Adele gets crazy excited! It is also adorable :-)

Fiona loves this song She calls it "wahoo" and asks for it all the time. She likes to watch it on youtube and dance around.

Here's the video...

And here she is singing it. She's singing "wahoo, wahoo... stay the night"

Tomorrow we are heading off to the Wisconsin Dells for a week with my Aunt and Uncle and cousins. It is bound to be a really fin time, but right now I an 3% prepared, so I should go and do some laundry!


Lori said...

Have a safe trip to Wisconsin Dells. It appears that you have plenty of songs planned to sing for the trip :)

Mum said...

Have a lovely time! I don't think James Blunt has much to fear from your rendition of his lovely song. Fiona and Adele are clearly big fans though!