Monday, April 11, 2011

Busy Monday

I work for a group at the University of Minnesota, and this week we're doing a bunch of events for graduate student appreciation week, so it's going to be a very busy week for me. This morning the girls accompanied me on a couple of trips up to St. Paul to deliver goodies to give out to the students, and in between those we had a trip to the park...

Fiona is funny sometimes. She wanted to climb a ladder that started out vertical, but then twisted to be sideways and horizontal. She began climbing and insisted she could do it because: "I'm a toddler Mummy, I'm so big!". Once the ladder began to twist she changed her mind and said "it's just too scary, I'm only a little girl". She makes me laugh.

On our way back from our 2nd St. Paul trip we stopped to have some lunch. Fiona loves to eat soup at the co-op, but Adele is quickly overtaking her in the amount that each girl eats at meal times.

After lunch we headed home for about 45 minutes, during which Fiona amazingly fell asleep on the couch. I think it's possible she is getting sick because she NEVER does this.

Sadly we were off for our next adventure - the car dealership. My car was in just last week for repairs but since then developed a weird squeak in the back. They have a playroom so the girls were entertained, but it was still a pretty boring 2 hours. Luckily they fixed it, and it's still under warranty so it was free!

Fiona loved rocking this bear in a cradle... she kept telling us to "shh" and that we'd get time outs for being noisy while her baby was sleeping. And this meant any noise whatsoever. So after 2 hours of that I was ready to be done!

Adele entertained herself by trying to chew on the metal windowsill. After 2 hours I was ready to be done with that too.

Then it was home time. Dinner. Then we went back to the park for a little play ebfore bed. Fiona played with Daddy while I pulled pieces of playground rubbery stuff out of Adele's mouth.

Then it was home to bed for the girls, and then I worked until 11 which explains the dullness of this post! And now I am off to bed.

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Kate said...

I think if I got to sit down in the middle of
f all that busyness, I'd fall asleep too!