Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Today we enjoyed the lovely warmer weather and took a walk to the park, and had a quick trip to Ikea to look for basement furniture.

Here's a riddle for you... If a train leaves the station at 8am and I make 8 orange frosted cinnamon rolls for breakfast, then Ben eats one, and Fiona eats two, how many do I end up eating before my post-vacation diet begins tomorrow? If your answer is "however many were left" you'd be correct. Shameful, I know. But ooooooh so good!

This evening Ben put the rear speakers up in the basement and we finally got the electronic dartboard we've had for a few years hung up. We didn't have a good spot for it before, but now we do! After some super fun darts matches on vacation I am determined that the next time I play with other people I will be less bad than before ;-)

Here's the new practice area (and speakers)...

Fiona chowed down on the chocolate egg Michael and Julia (and the cousins) gave her. She was so excited to eat this! She didn't eat the whole thing, and I am trying my very hardest not to sneak into the cupboard and munch on the leftovers myself... If the picture makes it from Ben's phone to my email before I am done, I'll include it :-)

So far, they have not. I'll post those tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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Lori said...

Happy Easter to the Hamer Family also!