Saturday, April 2, 2011

Anniversary # 6!

Today Ben and I have been married for six years. Last year it was only five years, and now it is six. To celebrate we started by enjoying the warmish morning by walking round the lake. The actual photos from today are on the camera, so in the interest of finishing this tonight, here's an artist's impression of the event:

(The walk today was identical, except for finally having significantly less snow, and Fiona wore different tights)

Then lunch, nap, cleaning and off to Grandma's house!

Fiona loves visiting Grandma and Grandpa and as soon as we got there she told us we should get going. Actually, I think she said we should go away. We're really teaching her how to be polite and well mannered :-/

Still, with Fiona's blessing Ben and I set off to enjoy our anniversary date.

This weekend is the last chance to go to the parade of homes (a showcase of new houses). I love the parade of homes in large part because it satisfies my voyeuristic tenancies - it's really entertaining to wander around inspecting someone else's house! We only go to houses that cost a massive amount of money and the one we saw today was $2 million and more than 7,000 square feet. It was opulent and ridiculous with features such as four garages, two sets of laundry equipment (one on each floor), and a water tap above the stove (presumably so you can fill the pasta pot right there and not have to go to the trouble of carrying it 4 feet from the sink). So much fun!!

After that we enjoyed dinner together and a stroll down memory lane. On the cocktail list was a "Mug O Tanqueray" which I imagined would be slightly larger gin and tonic than usual, and appealed to my Scottish self as a pretty good deal but in reality was a VAT of Tanqueray. Never one to shy away from a challenge I did my best, but better judgement prevailed and I left defeated.

(Yep, that's 23oz of gin right there. And a little tonic.)

Now we're home, the girls are in bed, and it's time to go downstairs and help Ben paint the basement.

We're finally almost done with making a family room down there - all that's left is paint, trim, carpet, and probably 74 other things I have not thought of. Still, we're close. So I should go and help. Or at least sit with my feet up and point out spots he misses. I'm just helpful that way :-)


Shock said...

Happy Anniversary! The basement is looking good.

Adrien Buzzo said...

3 things.

1) Happy Anniversary.
2) Now THAT is what I call a Gin and Tonic.
3) WOW! The basement looks great.

4...I meant 4 things.

4) It's been a while. I miss the Hamers. Let's get together soon. You guys can come and see my "kinda new" house.

Lori said...

Happy Anniversary!

Cathy said...

Happy Anniversary guys! FYI..Em asks all the time when it is our turn to watch the girls. We want to watch them too. I cannot wait to come see that basement. It is looking good.

The Fat Mess said...

"Obligitory anniversary based comment"
On a different note, you are aware gin is also know as "Housewives Ruin" right, and from what I hear you arn't much of a housewife, so perhaps 23oz of Gin would be more then enough to ruin you :)

Louise said...

Thanks Shock!

Adrien - we need to see you soon. We miss you too!

Thanks Lori!

Cathy, I'll hold you to that!

David, you are as kind as ever. I am so sad we live so far apart and can't say these nice things in person.