Friday, April 8, 2011


It's been a long day at the end of a long week. We got the basement painting finished off yesterday, and I'm getting close to being done with yard work. Work has been very busy and next week will be even busier. So tonight's post is going to be more pictures than words.

Fiona has started to be interested in babies. Today she went to get her baby (Annabelle) and fed her a bottle. I almost couldn't stand the overwhelming sweetness. It nearly makes up for when she pushed Adele out of the way 30 seconds earlier because she was trying to play with her toy.

Baby is hungry:

Then of course her baby needed to be changed:

(I make that same face changing Adele)

Yep, there's the Fiona I know!

Adele gets less and less like a baby every day. I put a little clip in her hair and was amazed at how much like a little girl she is now. She can only wear it when being constantly supervised otherwise she'd try to eat it. The girl puts everything in her mouth. Luckily this includes food, she's been eating really well, but sadly also includes everything else.

Her favorite thing to say is "Da-Da". That girl loves her Daddy. I ask her to say "Mama" and she laughs at me and says dada, dada, dada. Oh well. At least I'm the one she wants at 3am... oh... wait :-/


Gena said...

Love the diaper change photos! It's so great to be getting news and photos from you every day!

Qian said...

So cute and so sweet!!! \(^o^)/

Mum said...

Fiona's mothering skills are interesting - did she learn from you? Adele looks very girly with her hair done!

Lori said...

Fiona will be a great mother, to the plastic and stuffed babies (they need not be handled with care). Adele is getting so big and so CUTE!

I wake up and my excitement to see your new post is borderline sinfully stalking...please be flattered and not thoroughly creeped out :)

kristine said...

that's so funny. adele is adorable. i love that smile!