Monday, August 8, 2011

Photo Challenge: Day 8

Oh, today is tricky! I have to photograph a bad habit. I noticed that it didn't specify that it had to be one of my bad habits, but it seems like cheating to post one of the 4,000 pictures I have of Fiona picking her nose. She does it on purpose when I try to take her picture just to annoy me, so I have quite the collection.

So what's the bad habit? Well, I have mentioned this before but one frequent source of stress in my life is caused by my favorite bad habit: procrastination. It is my friend throughout the day. I put things off until the last minute causing me to be frequently late, and on the days when too much of the morning is procrastinated away, unshowered. I pack for trips late into the night before leaving very few hours for sleeping, I wait until there's no underwear left in the drawer before doing laundry, and why do you think this blog is posted so close to midnight every night? That's right. Procrastination.

I have book club tomorrow evening and put off starting the book because I was excited to read a different one. If I wasn't a procrastinator I would have started it before the other one, but I thought "I'll read that later, I have plenty of time".

Still 18% to go. I'm not sure I'll ever learn.

Photo Challenge Day 8: A bad habit.


Lori said...

Having a fruit bowl stepped you up from me in the social class hierarchy...HOWEVER...procrastination is not something that I do. So maybe we are even again. You are still WAY funnier than I am, so in the same class, you are in the front row. I sit in the corner with a dunce cap on :)

mobley said...

But really you should have left posting this until the next day. :-P