Thursday, August 25, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 25

We had Ben's family over for dinner tonight. You may or may not be aware that Ben and I are vegetarian, so I made vegetarian chilli, baked potatoes and salad. To appease the carnivores I also fried up a pound of bacon. I'm telling you, cooking and not eating that bacon nearly killed me. I love you, bacon. I always will.

30 Day Photo Challenge Day 25: Something Pink.


Gena said...

I don't think I knew you are a vegetarian! Hope I didn't feed you meat unwittingly. Not likely at a tea party I guess.

My word verification is "dinin". How appropo.


Lori said...

Of all the things pink to take a picture cute rosy cheeks, lips, or even a chose meat straight from the piggy back. LOVE IT!

Carole said...

Mmmmmm bacon. We've been eating a lot more meatless meals these days, and I'm learning to prepare things vegan style to accommodate my niece as well. Must say that I feel better when I'm full of veggies, fruit and grains, although I still LOVE the pig.