Sunday, August 7, 2011

Photo Challenge: Day 7

When I lived in Aberdeen my Mum was, at one time, searching for a giant fruit bowl. It took a long time to find exactly what she wanted and during that time whenever we'd spot a nice large bowl one of us would say to the other "that would make a good fruit bowl". It became a tradition and I still say it whenever I spot a nice large bowl.

When they visited last year we had a day trip to Stillwater where I spotted a bowl. We'd seen a lot of pottery that day and had exchanged many "that would make a good fruit bowl"s but although they were all beautiful and special, they were also way too expensive to live in a house with two rambunctious children. But this bowl was different. It was hand made and lovely, but also under $30! It was going to make a really good fruit bowl.

I bought it, and it came to live in our kitchen where it holds our fruit.

Today it's empty because I used all the old bananas that were in there yesterday to make banana bread. Banana bread is, without a doubt, my second favorite way to get my USDA recommended daily servings of fruit. My number one choice is, of course, wine.

Look, it's even got raisins in it. That's double fruit!

30 Day Photo Challenge Day 7: Fruit


Lori said...

Owning a fruit bowl brings you up to a different social class than me, can we still be friends?

Louise said...

Lori, of course we can! Though I know what to get you for your next birthday now! :-)

Mum said...

Recently I was looking for a salad bowl, but it wasn't nearly so much fun without you! We will continue the prefect bowl hunt when I come to visit.