Thursday, August 4, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 4

One of the results of this challenge is that I have been taking more pictures in general, and I have my camera with me more often and am able to take fun pictures of things that would normally be forgotten. For example, we met friends for breakfast at Ikea this morning (which was super cheap and pretty tasty and I would definitely recommend) and on our way out I spotted this:

(Click to enlarge. If you can't read what's circled in the bottom right, you'll miss the joke!)

The sign must have been at least 15 feet wide. Who knew Ikea had a sense of humor? I had to stop and take a picture even though Adele was really mad and Fiona took it as an opportunity to climb on a pile of ektorps.

Fiona and Adele have both been really interested in taking care of babies recently, which is adorable. Fiona likes to wrap hers up and tote them around and put them in bed and tell people to be quiet because they are sleeping...

She was asking for a baby carrier so I made her a moby of her own and she insisted on packing two babies in there.

Adele loves to feed her baby too, and also likes to take their clothes off. She is funny.

This afternoon we went to the Zoo, partly to get out of the house and partly to look for something green to take a picture of. I got a telephoto lens for my camera (thanks Dad!) but haven't had much opportunity to use it yet and I thought that there must be a bunch of fun green things at the Zoo to take close up pictures of... crocodiles, frogs, turtles... Well I took some really fun pictures but it turns out it's a lot harder to find green creatures that I expected. The crocodiles look more grey than green and the other things had greenish parts but were not really green.

The only really green thing was this big fat caterpillar waiting to turn into a beautiful butterfly... so here he is.

30 Day Photo Challenge Day 4: Something Green


Carole said...

Love the hot dog photo, love the humor! And I love IKEA, don't they have the neatest (and most affordable) stuff for kids? Olivia loves going there because she can climb on all the kids furniture, test the chairs, etc. I didn't love the caterpillar picture as much, only because it reminded me of the hornworms that were destroying my tomato plants! But, it is a very nice picture of something green!

Lori said...

I would never buy a hot dog UNLESS it was 15 feet long :)

Kate said...

I can't believe you went to the zoo in ADDITION to ikea yesterday! You're one crazy lady ;) Love your blog posts though.

The Fat Mess said...

I want a 15' hot dog.
I once set myself a month long picture project, nothing in perticular in mind. It was fun to take my camera around with me, and really force yourself to look for oppertunities to use it.
Good lucks, I am sure you don't need them

mobley said...

Of course IKEA has a sense of humour (or humor if you prefer). The whole experience makes me laugh hysterically. It's more a theme park with candles than a furniture shop.