Monday, August 1, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge

A friend posted this on facebook yesterday and I thought it would be fun to do a 30 day photo challenge because I leaned after Adele was born that the 365 day photo challenge was much too challenging. A month is the absolute maximum length of time I can keep something like that up. The list was right there, and the new month started today, so both of those facts greatly increased my chances of at least achieving day 1. So here we go!

Day 1: Self portrait. Ack. I should have looked more closely and taken a shower today.

For a long time now, I have wanted to visit Lake Louise in Banff, Canada. According to Wikipedia "Summers consist of frosty mornings and crisp cool days", which makes it just about the ideal climate for me (in summer at least, in winter they get over 3 meters/almost 10 feet of snow!).
(Photo source)

Once there I plan to relax and sip Louise Champagne which sadly costs $225 and oddly I have only ever seen for sale in the airport in Schipol, Amsterdam.

(Photo source)

Why the random segue, I hear you asking? Well, tonight my dream came significantly closer to becoming a reality. On a wine run to Trader Joes I found THIS...

Ohhhhhh yeah. Louise sparkling wine, in both red and white varieties! AND it's less than $7 a bottle! Yes please!

Half of my dream will have kind of come true as soon as I chill those puppies. And in the meantime, I'll work on this other bottle instead... which leads me back to the challenge...

30 Day Photo Challenge Day 1: Self Portrait.


Kate said...

Screw the apple, a wine a day keeps the dr away, right?!

Lori said...

I'm excited to read your posts for the next 30 days :)

Mrs Chronic-Shock said...

I like the prompt list! Can I play too!? :)

Louise said...

Kate, so far so good!

Lori - you ahve motivated me to at least complete day 2!

Jenn - YES!! I love your photos, looking forward to seeing your days!

Gena said...

Yay more posts from Louise!!! This will be a great month. I'm especially looking forward to seeing Day 8's photo. :)