Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We made it... barely!

Fiona and I are in Aberdeen! This post may be a little long and nonsensical, because I'm very tired! I also did not manage to take any pictures, so I'll be illustrating this with random pictures.

We left on Monday. The flight was at 3.15pm. Fiona was meant to take a nap around 2. No such luck. She was laughing and smiling and playing, but not napping.

3.15... flight leaves. The captain tells us the flight time is 7 hours and 20 minutes... crazy tailwind! I think... "that's not too long, we can do this!". I'm a fool.

Fiona plays, and smiles at the other passengers. The seatbelt sign is on because they keep having turbulence. I feed Fiona her dinner. she seems to enjoy it. The crew start serving dinner. Stewardess gives me my tray, and peels off the lid and opens my cutlery for me. Nice. Fiona then projectile vomits her entire dinner back up, over herself, me, the chair, her booties, and half of her toys. Awesome.

Stewardess takes my dinner away (luckily unvomit covered) and puts it in the back for later, and I clean up as much as I can in the three foot by three foot aeroplane bathroom. Change Fiona into her emergency outfit. Resign self to smelling like barf for the next 10 hours.

I manage to inhale some nasty chicken standing in the back before they tell me to go and sit down. I take my roll, crackers, cheese and oreos, and finish my 'dinner' at my seat.

Seatbelt sign goes off! Yay! I stand up and start rocking my cranky baby. She is just nodding off when they tell me I have to sit down because they are serving the coffee. Ok... They promise I can stand up again soon when they are finished. Fiona is awake.

They finish with the coffee, and immediately the turbulence really gets going. Even the crew are asked by the captain to sit down. For an hour. Fiona is very tired, but will. not. nap. The seatbelt sign stays on for the rest of the flight, and every attempt at standing up to rock Fiona to sleep is thwarted by stewardess. We manage to survive the next few hours, and then they serve 'breakfast'. It's nasty rubber egg on dried up english muffin. It's revolting. I'm not feeling that good, so I pass. Just the smell is making my stomach turn. Unfortunately the combination of the stomach bug Ben and I have, and not really eating anything all day, catches up with me, and I start to feel really lightheaded. When I think I might actually pass out, I call the stewardess who brings me juce and crackers and takes Fiona. When I am feeling better, I got to get her, and she asks me "if it's ok for Fiona to have some orange juice because I gave her some..." Ok... well, I hope so. She's never had it before, but hopefully she'll be fine.

Nope. Not fine. We sit down, and she immediately has volcano vomit episode number two. And it stinks. Like orange juice. Wonderful.

We finally land in Amsterdam. We both stink. I think "thank goodness it's a short connection". Idiot. We get on the plane, and she finally goes to sleep. But... wait. We're not going anywhere. The captain tells us there will be a 20 minute delay because there are protesters on the runway at Aberdeen airport and it will take 20 minutes to remove them. Ok... I can wait. Fiona's asleep, they passed out cups of tea and cookies...

We wait. And wait. Captain tells us the flight is cancelled.

We all get off the plane. Fiona wakes up. She's not happy. We're all re-booked on the next flight, leaving in 50 minutes, boarding now. We're told to hurry. We HURRY. We have to all go through security again and are crammed into the pre-boarding room like sardines.

We're told there will be a short delay because they can't locate the pilot.

Half an hour later, we're boarding. We're flying. We're landing... we're here!! And I'm told when we arrive that the reason for the protest was because Donald Trump is building a hotel/golf course here, and they're against that, and the planned expansion of the airport to allow larger planes to land. So they thought that they'd protest on the runway. Personally, I think the most effective way to have removed them would have been to have landed the plane anyway. I bet they'd have moved themselves pretty quickly then!

So all in all, it was not the best day. But we're both here. And now I'm going to bed. Goodnight!


Cathy said...

That trip sounds crazy! Poor Louise and POOR FIONA. Will we ever see you guys on this side of the pond again? It can only get better right? Can't wait for updates.

Louise said...

We'll be back... I miss Brodie ;-)

Tanya Cothran said...

What a nightmare! Poor volcanic-projectile-vomiting baby. :(

Boyd's note to self: Never take a baby on a plane.

Sarah Cothran said...

Oh my goodness Louise! I thought I had a few bad experiences, but this takes the cake. I'm glad your wounds are healing. And Tanya, could we be related?