Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Duthie Park Adventure

When we were little, we'd go to Duthie Park a lot, usually on Sunday. there are lots of paths for walking, swings and chutes and things to play on, and the 'winter gardens' which is a big indoor greenhouse with fish and plants and cacti and a big frog that jumps up out of a pond and scares you. There's also a really big hill to climb, that makes you super tired by the time you are at the top. So today Me, Dad, and Ali took Fiona there for a walk.

The first thing I saw was... spring!! Which gave me hope that one day flowers will once again bloom in my garden in Minneapolis.

Then we walked to the giant hill... but wait... it shrank! What happened to the hill that took 20 minutes to walk up and required a rest on the bench halfway? Yet another sacred childhood memory ruined by adult perspective.

Next we visited the Winter Gardens. It was also smaller than I remembered, but still fun. Fiona really liked looking at the fish. Next to the fish, nestled subtly in with the flowers, was the world's most polite sign... it said "please refrain from feeding or handling the fish. Thank you". I wish more signs used words like "refrain". I think it would create a more genteel world, where people open doors for others and cover their mouths when they cough...
We walked round and found the pond where the big frog lives... here he is, lurking...

After quite a wait, he leaped out of the pond... no... wait... he quietly rose to the surface and bobbed about sadly for a minute before sinking back down... I'm not sure if I remember it was much more exciting when I was 2, or if McPuddock (yes, that is really his name) is just tired from jumping out at children every few minutes for the last 25 years, but it was an exciting moment of nostalgia nonetheless.
And speaking of nostalgia, here I am at the winter Gardens with my Mum and Granny (Mum's Mum) back in the day...

Fiona seemed disinterested in McPuddock, but did have a good time hanging out with Aunty Ali.

We then had some fun playing on the swings and see-saw. Fiona loves the swings!

And after that it was getting cold, so we headed home. Here is one last picture. She had fun at the park!

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Mrs Chronic-Shock said...

It looks like you had a nice walk down memory lane. And I see Fiona didn't lose her smurf feet on the plane ride there :)