Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Scotch Pies and Swan Lake

There haven't been many updates recently... we haven't really been up to much. Fiona's been finding the time change a little difficult to adjust to, and has not been sleeping so well, so there hasn't been much opportunity for blogging, and we haven't done anything that exciting in the last few days.

But yesterday... in my continued attempt to eat all my favourite foods... was Scotch Pie and Macaroni Pie day. I was pushing for triple pie day, but I was vetoed, so we'll have to just have pie again another day. Scotch Pie is an individual sized pie made of thin, hard, crunchy pastry, and is filled with some kind of peppery meat, traditionally mutton, but sometimes mysterious meat. It has pastry on top, and you can eat it alone, or with hp sauce, or ketchup, or anything you like really. You can read more here. I like to eat mine with baked beans on it... mmmmm yum!

Here is a picture of the inside... mmmmmmmm!

Macaroni Pie is the same pastry, but filled with macaroni cheese with cheese on top. I LOVE them. I like to eat them all alone though. I don't like any beans to touch my macaroni pie. Here is a picture I found online...

SO good.

In the evening Fiona stayed in with Uncle Robbie and Uncle David, and Great-Granny, and Mum, Dad and I went to the Theatre to see the ballet 'Swan Lake'.

It was performed by the Russian State Ballet of Siberia, and was really good! The story highlights are... Prince needs wife, meets woman who has been turned into swan by bad guy, falls in love. Told he has to marry someone 'proper'. Is tricked into agreeing to marry bad guy's daughter. Is not meant to kill bad guy or swan spell cannot be broken. Duels with and accidantally kills bad guy, and dies in process. Woman stuck as swan forever.

Despite the less-than-cheerful ending, it was very entertaining, partly because the dancers kept doing things that I thought were physically impossible with their legs!

Such as this...

And this!

Then when we got home, Fiona had had a lovely time, had eaten all her dinner, and had learned how to play solitaire on David's phone. Robert even had to change a poopy nappy, so I'm happy to have had a night out for that reason alone! :-)

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Tanya Cothran said...

I love the ballet! and I've always wanted to see Swan Lake because I learned to play one of the songs way back when I was taking piano lessons as a kid. I didn't realize the story was so sad though...

Also, MMMMMmmmm those baked beans look SOOOOOOO good.

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