Saturday, March 7, 2009

Walk on the beach, and double sausage day

Fiona and I have been having a fun time. On Thursday we went to the beach for a walk with David and my Dad.

It was your typical Aberdeen day... chilly and windy, but with occasional warming sun appearances. When the sun comes out it turns the sea from grey to sparkly blue. It's pretty. After a short time some scary looking clouds appeared, so we walked a little faster.

This is the 'windows to the sea' sculpture. It's frames things in the distance in an interesting way. Of course, in a picture it's hard to tell, but that speck is a boat.

Fiona was tired so she slept the whole time.

During this trip, I'm trying to eat as many of my favourite foods as possible. On Friday, we had 'flat sausage sandwiches' for lunch. Also known as 'lorne sausage', this is one of my favourite foods. You can read about it here (yes, it has it's own wikipedia page!).

Here is my sandwich. I like mine with ketchup. Yummy!

In the afternoon Fiona and I went into town with my Mum and Ali. We browsed a little, but I'm not as good at shopping as I used to be, so only bought socks and underwear (I only ever buy these from Marks and Spencer, so I needed to stock up). We had to get something for dinner, so I suggested... sausages! I really like sausages.

Thus, double sausage day was born. But the dinner sausage was round, not flat, so I think it's ok. For dinner, we had our sausages with heinz baked beans and mashed potato.

It was very very delicious.

So I'm working hard to cross my holiday goals off my list. I'm hoping to have a triple pie day some time next week. I'll keep you posted!

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