Monday, March 16, 2009

Update and Granny's Birthday!

In the last few days we've been going for some walks and eating some food. We had mince and tatties (and carrots and yorkshire puddings). The yorkshire pudding is not technically a traditional part of the mince and tatties meal, but they're yummy. I was then able to cross this meal off my list.
We also had bacon butties. For those of you who have endured my whining about American bacon and my crying about missing British bacon or 'back' bacon, here's an illustration of a delicious bacon buttie.

There's also a very short article about bacon here. The bacon has a lot more meat and less fat than american bacon, and is extra delicious :-). Mmmmmm bacon.

It's Granny's birthday today, but she left yesterday, so while she was down visiting, we thought we'd have a birthday party on Sunday. Here's Granny!

For birthdays in our house we don't have a normal 'meal', we have a variety of party snack foods... like these! I missed the very start of dinner because I was putting Fiona to bed, so some of the food was eaten and missed having its photograph taken.

Sausage rolls... sausage meat with puff pastry wrapped round it. these are bitesize, and are called 'party' sausage rolls. I love these.

Kilted sausages... mini saisages with bacon wrapped round them. YUM!! These are very popular and many were eaten by the time I arrived.

Mini chicken and steak pies... mmmm mmmm mmmm. Also clearly a big hit (there were 12 to start with).

Brie and cranberry filo parcels. Delicious!

Crackers and a variety of cheeses. The one in front is wensleydale with blueberries. It's my favourite.

Raiya can't eat wheat, so we also had... wheat free pizza...

Smoked salmon wrapped around fish mousse (these were really good, but I know my description makes them sound a little dodgy).

And prawn cocktail... but I forgot to take a picture of this.
After the savoury snacks we had ice cream and Ali's homemade toffee sauce. It is wonderful, but I was so lost in toffee sauce euphoria that I completely forgot to take a picture. So you'll just have to imagine it. We also had jelly. I made a super fancy double layer green and orange jelly, but when I tried to turn it out onto a plate, I totally mangled it, and some people described it as roadkill. So I didn;t photograph that either. I was too busy crying in a corner.

After this (yes, there's more!) we had cake. I think Granny is 83 (don't tell) so we gave her 8 candles to avoid creating a fire hazard.

And she blew them all out! Then most of us ate some cake. Some of us claimed to be too full. I was not one of them ;-)
Granny had a lovely day, and we very much appreciated the chance to have birthday tea!

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