Tuesday, February 3, 2009

That doesn't make any sense #2

After part 1 of  the 'that doesn't make any sense' series, I was a little concerned that I wouldn't be able to find enough material for a whole series. But lo and behold, today the perfect material was delivered to our house.

Recently, Ben and I have been making more of an effort to reduce our waste, and be 'greener' in general. Other than recycling, keeping the water temperature low, etc., we use cloth diapers (sorry, nappies) instead of disposables, we try to use cloth napkins instead of paper towels or paper napkins, and I make most of Fiona's food to avoid all the packaging for the individual servings of baby food. I also recently switched from dryer sheets to reuseable dryer balls. Yep, we're pretty awesome. 

Today the doorbell rang, and who should be on the other side, but our friendly neighbourhood FedEx delivery man, with a large box. I was instantly concerned, because Ben has been ordering a lot of things from Amazon recently in order to have the Ultimate Movie Setup, and anything that came in a box this size was bound to be bad news.

So I sent him a message, and he told me that it was cables... Now, he has received a lot of cables lately, and usually they come in a much smaller box, such as the ones in the background of the above picture. I told him that if it was a cable, it was enough cable to wire an entire apartment building, and he informed me that it was a pretty big cable.

Still, I was curious, but had to wait until he came home to find out exactly what was in the box, because he likes to have the excitement of opening them himself, and gets upset if I open them before he gets home... :-)

Finally, he arrives and opens the box...

I'm still concerned... that looks like a lot of air and paper to me... And sure enough, when the paper was removed, this is what remained...

Really Amazon? Really? You felt this was an appropriately sized box? Really? That just doesn't make any sense! Is your shipping department working under some kind of russian roulette box selection method? They just grab a random box and hit the mark one time out of six? I just can't fathom how someone could feel that this was ok! Is someone kidding? Did I just not get the joke?

Anyway, I think my conclusion has to be that if you order something from Amazon, they have a team of monkeys working for them sending it out. Not trained monkeys, mind. Just monkeys. Trained monkeys would have done a better job.

I may not be confrontational in real life, but I can write a great angry letter. Amazon will be hearing from me. Maybe I'll send the letter to them in the box. 


Lori said...

You are freakin' hilarious! You would be proud of my mummzy. She will cram so much in her boxes that she sends to me. I almost don't need a knife to cut it open... it is busting at the seams!

david said...

I see this all the time at work, it is staggering the size of boxes to the deliveries. But ask Ben if he would have been happier waiting for more small boxes to become available.

Tanya Cothran said...

I laughed so hard when I saw that teeny-tiny cord sitting in that bog box! haha :)

Kate said...

This is hilarious!!