Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl Sunday

As you probably know, Ben and I are not exactly huge sports fans. But when an excuse to watch
something in HD on his big screen comes up, Ben grabs it with both hands! Today was the superbowl. Superbowl XLIII to be exact. 

So other than a way to expose the American people to the wonder of roman numerals, what's the point? Well, food, and advertising. And of course, hanging out with awesome people. And showing off your big screen. And endless football related innuendos. Tight end. HeeHee. 

This year, Tanya and Boyd came over. 

Friends... Check!

And they brought with them... delicious chicken wings and jalapeno poppers. And slippers and sweaters. Smart!

Food... Check!

And I made chili and cornbread and brownies.

Food... double check!

Then we settled down to soak in some of the finest advertising money can buy. And our expectations were high. This year, one 30 second advert during the superbowl cost $2.6 MILLION. 

In my opinion, these were the highlights:
Winner! Hulu: Alec in Huluwood - Funny Stuff. Probably also 100% true.
2. Budweiser: Clydesdales Stick
3. Cheetos: Chester the Cheetah 
4. Teleflora: Talking Flowers
5. Taco Bell: Overrated 
You can view these adverts here:

And of course, the big screen was incredible...

So even though the team I arbitrarily chose to support did lose, it was a great superbowl! Roll on XLIV! And you're all invited. 


Cathy said...

Projectors/big screens are so much fun! I am excited to watch a show on your screen. Maybe a little Jon and Kate plus 8? Now that would be fun :)

Mrs Chronic-Shock said...

The best innuendo we heard was "He has a lot of beef up front." What the heck does that mean? LOL. We were rooting for the Cardinals too, but even a sad defeat looks great in HD!