Friday, February 27, 2009

Our week so far part 2: Library Adventure

On Thursday Fiona woke up at 5.45am, and was ready to take her nap extra early – she went back to sleep at 7.30. I thought she would sleep for an hour or so, giving us lots of time for her to take a bath (her face was all messy and snotty and crusty) and change into a cute outfit for our big storytime event at 10. However, by 9.15, when we needed to leave, she was still snoring, so I just packed her up as she was and headed out.

We took the train downtown, and walked over to the library. They built a new library a few years ago, and it's pretty fancy...

Unfortunately it has a massive design flaw... enormous icicles form on the edges of the sticky-outy thing, and occasionally fall off, impaling innocent library visitors. So they have to barricade the majority of the entryway during icicle season, which, being in Minnesota, is 6 months of the year. Looks great though.

We made it past the icicle hazard, and sat down in the storytime circle. All the other kids there had clearly been bathed recently, and were wearing clothes. Great. The woman to our left introduced her son, Charles, and it became apparent that she was a special kind of parent... the overprotective paranoid kind. She looked at Fiona with her crusty face and pyjamas and said... 'I'm really afraid of Charles getting sick... she's not sick is she?' and is eyeing her like she might have rabies or something... I assured her that she'd just been to the doctor, and was just fine. She didn't seem convinced, but then it was storytime!

The lady reading the stories was a character... she spoke in an extraaa sloooooooow voooooice, as if babies don't hear at the same speed as adults, and it was so odd that I was struggling not to giggle to myself. The stories were fun though. Fiona liked trying to chew on the books. Afterwards we hung out and played a little and chatted with the other mothers.

Paranoid mother continued to tell everyone about how afraid she was that her son would get sick from our kids. In her defense, he was a skinny sickly little kid, and has had some health problems, so it wasn't completely crazy. However, the real fun started when another child coughed right in her Charles' face. We all held our breath and waited to see what she'd do... she got this crazed look in her eye and turned on the cougher's mother demanding 'IS HE SICK?!!' I thought her head was about to explode... Cougher's mother promised that no, he wasn't, he just had a tickle in his throat, but really, I certainly would not have truthfully answered that question if my child had been less than 100% healthy! Ass-kicking averted, we all decided that it was time to call it a day, and Fiona and I headed home.

What a day. Phew. We didn't do anything in the afternoon because a snowstorm came in and now it looks like this outside...


Mrs Chronic-Shock said...

Somebody get that lady a bubble for her little boy. It sounded like a good mom and daughter day out :)I'm glad you guys didn't get impaled.

Mum said...

That sounds like fun - I hope you didn't tell Mrs Crazy-at-the library that you have a blog - or the next time the icicles might not be all you need to watch out for!