Thursday, February 19, 2009

Where did my baby go?

It seems like just yesterday that Fiona was born, but in five days she'll be 9 months old. To help me feel even more like the time is flying by way too fast, this week she learned how to pull herself up...

She is so proud of herself! And of course, I'm proud of her too. But her increased mobility makes my life harder. Earlier this week I left her in her room for a minute, and came back to find her lying completely on top of the cat. He has taken to snuggling up next to her anyway, and didn't seem to mind, but still, I haven't taken both eyes off her since then! 


Cathy said...

The world of jumping on the bed is so opening for her! She is going to be so happy. You know, before you know it she is going to be driving!

Louise said...

But not as soon as Emily!
;-) Heeheehee.